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A descent group traced through men on the paternal side of a family.


(Anthropology & Ethnology) a line of descendants through the male line


(ˌpæ trəˈlɪn i ɪdʒ, ˌpeɪ-)

lineal descent traced through the male line.
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Noun1.patrilineage - line of descent traced through the paternal side of the familypatrilineage - line of descent traced through the paternal side of the family
unilateral descent - line of descent traced through one side of the family
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Women belong to other groups and "pollute" the patrilineage but, at the same time, allow for reproduction.
Although this has changed following revisions to the Hindu Code (1956) and changes in property rights for women caused by the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005, many key rituals (including the kapalakriya and shradha death rituals') can only be performed by men, reinforcing the centrality of male responsibility for the continuity of the patrilineage.
There are grandsons of King Abdulaziz with extensive government experience who are barely older than his youngest sons, and it is not clear if age or patrilineage will be the primary factor in deciding succession.
When a woman resumes going to the menstrual hut following her last birth, the husband's patrilineage is informed of the imminency of conception and cuckoldry risk," Strassmann said.
Robertson's study revealed a lot of facts and truths about Ga society, however her view of Ga society as having an ideology of male superiority is debatable, as societal emphasis on the patrilineage does not presume matrilineal inferiority.
Children who misbehave are told that they will bring shame not only to themselves but also to their parents and the other families in the whole patrilineage.
One of the purposes in the rape of Bosnian women is, within the system of patrilineage, to produce Serbian offspring, and hence the war can be seen to be continuing in her womb.
Crumb--this dubious patrilineage can be traced across decades and media, sustained by a tireless fascination with the female body.
Formal bonding or marriage rituals probably developed in very early human societies, since it was important then as now to confer legitimacy of the children in relation to membership in whatever social unit was pertinent (tribe, clan, patrilineage, matrilineage, nation-state, religious group, and so forth).
As noted earlier, unlike the men's lodge, the Sisters of Colombo based their membership on Italian patrilineage or matrilineage.
Uchendu remarks that among the Igbo, an individual who is not attached to the patrilineage (called Umunna) is said to be an Igbo without citizenship both in the world of the living and in the 'world' of the ancestors.
Hanawalt attributes the decreased importance of patrilineage there to the strength of the guilds.