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Adv.1.patrilineally - by descent through the male line
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33) And as such it stood in stark contrast with the prescribed norms of Islam, which not only define kinship patrilineally and put men at the apex of power relations within families as well as wider society, but also provide detailed legal injunctions on inheritance and the rearing of children.
However, given the ideal coordination of totems through marriage, there is every reason to suppose that primary responsibilities for totemic site-sets would have been patrilineally articulated, but supplemented by complementary filiation and perhaps birth.
Filmer's position is rooted in a notion that the authority the patriarchs held in Genesis has been passed down patrilineally, and monarchy is based on that authority.
Patrilineally organized, all members of the Muslim extended family participated in the process of rearing the child to be muaddab(a), or "well-mannered," that is, properly socialized to Muslim cultural norms.
The Xhosa umzi is, first and foremost, the (residential) site on which the rituals of an agnatically bounded group of patrilineally related kin are conducted, always under the watchful eye of a male homestead head and his agnatic elders.
The legal and financial instruments that enabled women to "work around" patrilineally defined inheritance were gifts, donatio mortis causa, and supplements to the dowry.
She begins to embody and enact a self that bears the markers of heteronormative femininity which will, in turn, eventually lead to proper womanhood and motherhood as patrilineally defined.
Currently, Lebanese citizenship can only be inherited patrilineally.
Descent is traced patrilineally, not matrilineally, and Minang men marry late because they go on rantau (traditional travel prior marriage) in order to earn enough money to marry.
Nevertheless, it is clear from his own and other data that patrivirilocal residence was common and that patrilineally extended if not fraternal joint families occurred (ref.
The line is determined patrilineally, and the Cohanim are always men.
To avert such genealogical crises that would result in disappearance [sic] as a defined group, the Ngada have only one option: they must make an exception to the marriage rules, thus allowing one of their male members to marry patrilineally and reside virilocally with his wife.