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1. Anthropology Of or relating to residence with a husband's kin group or clan.
2. Zoology Of or relating to the tendency of females to leave their natal group and reside in or mate with males of a different group: Chimpanzees are patrilocal.

pat′ri·lo·cal′i·ty (-kăl′ĭ-tē) n.
pat′ri·lo′cal·ly adv.


(Sociology) having or relating to a marriage pattern in which the couple lives with the husband's family
ˌpatriˈlocally adv
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Kandiyoti also suggests that the mother-and daughter-in-law dynamic is cyclically reproduced through generations of the patrilocally extended household: for the daughter-in-law, "the deprivation and hardship she experiences as a young bride is eventually superseded by the control and authority she will have over her own subservient daughters-in-law" (Kandiyoti, 1988, p.
Married patrilocally and living permanently on her in-laws' farm ("I've no home of my own now"), Maggie has brought Joey with her into the marriage: he is, in effect, what remains of her "people" (80).
In Chang's case, the fact that she is not living patrilocally and has a close relationship with her husband has greatly facilitated Chang's decision to pursue work as a dance hall hostess.
The residents of Amakiri live patrilocally, that is, with or around the husband's male relatives.
Since early humans lived in small groups that were patrilocally organized, members of these bands would have tended to be related and formed strong ties.