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Noun1.patrioteer - an extreme bellicose nationalist
nationalist, patriot - one who loves and defends his or her country
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These attacks, according to Rugg, were reactionary onslaughts "initiated by professional publicity men and patrioteers," who perceived progressive change--the development of unions and workers' rights, the production of critical histories in higher education, and freethinking social reforms that advocated a "New Statecraft in government" and with it broad educational reforms--as threatening the status quo (Rugg, 2011, pp.
Patrioteers like George Dillon, editor of Poetry USA seem to look on this as a sort of perverted penance, and then, too, it gives them the chance to smirk--"Looky, looky, how democratic we are
The 1953 Passover editorial notes that "the fear of communist subversion has been converted into a veritable hysteria by patrioteers who utilize that fear as an occasion for trampling on the democratic rights and liberties of their fellow citizens.

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