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Feeling, expressing, or inspired by love for one's country.

pa′tri·ot′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.patriotically - in a patriotic manner; "patriotically, he buys only U.S.-made products"
unpatriotically - in an unpatriotic manner; "unpatriotically he contrived a way of avoiding military service"
hazafiúi módon


[ˈpætrɪˈɒtɪkəlɪ] ADVpatrióticamente


[ˌpætrɪˈɒtɪklɪ] advpatriotticamente, con patriottismo


(ˈpeitriət) , (ˈpatriət) noun
a person who loves (and serves) his country. Many terrorists consider themselves to be patriots fighting for freedom.
patriotic (pӕtriˈotik) , ((especially American) pei-) adjective
(negative unpatriotic) having or showing great love for one's country. He is so patriotic that he refuses to buy anything made abroad.
ˌpatriˈotically adverb
ˈpatriotism (ˈpӕ-) , ((especially American) ˈpei-) noun
(the showing of) great love for one's country.
References in classic literature ?
The colonel was a stout, tall, plethoric German, evidently devoted to the service and patriotically Russian.
At all events, he seems to be patriotically anxious not to lose sight of any of his own countrymen who may happen to be in England.
The highest personages in the land were patriotically uneasy, and so on.
John served our country patriotically and faithfully in the Illinois Reserve Militia during World War II.
There is no doubt that the exercise is already yielding its desire goals as conceived by the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General TY Buratai and is being carried out by troops patriotically.
Why is this all right with the once patriotically fervid but now preternaturally timorous men like Roque, Cayetano, or Senate President Koko Pimentel, who, for his part, said he was 'not bothered' by the Chinese actions?
We are aware of the poisoned Zionist plan to be carried out by expelling our Palestinian brothers from their land to ease the establishment of the Israeli habitations and to settle the original inhabitants of the land in any nearby Arab desert after their apparent failure to approach one inch of Sinai because the Egyptian army confronted them courageously and patriotically, sacrificing our precious blood to protect Sinai.
Vice president Mike Pence lauded the bravery and sacrifices of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces patriotically rendered for eradicating terrorism.
So, we appeal to all patriotically minded Cymry to ensure that it is flown above the Welsh Assembly, castles, civic buildings, hotels, caravan parks, shops, pubs, schools and, of course, on homes and in gardens.
21 (1907) Vicksburg's Washington Street was patriotically festive
They play best buds who patriotically sign up for the Marines and tour Afghanistan.