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1. One that supports, protects, or champions someone or something, such as an institution, event, or cause; a sponsor or benefactor: a patron of the arts.
2. A customer, especially a regular customer.
3. (also pä-trōn′) The owner or manager of an establishment, especially a restaurant or an inn of France or Spain.
a. A noble or wealthy person in ancient Rome who granted favor and protection to someone in exchange for certain services.
b. A slave owner in ancient Rome who freed a slave without relinquishing all legal claim to him.
5. One who possesses the right to grant an ecclesiastical benefice to a member of the clergy.
6. A patron saint.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin patrōnus, from Latin, from pater, patr-, father; see pəter- in Indo-European roots.]

pa′tron·al (pā′trə-nəl) adj.
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En janvier 2017, la Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Sfax a organise une mission d'affaires multisectorielle , en partenariat avec la Chambre de Commerce d'Industrie et d'Agriculture et le Groupement Inter Patronal Camerounais.
A liturgical dance called sirong is performed during the patronal feast on June 13, which incidentally falls two days before the cityhood day.
Just after a hectic Patronal Festival Weekend came the village Jazz Festival in aid of Rudi's Retreat.
Contract notice: Ornamental lighting service during the popular celebrations 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, patronal parties 2017 and 2018, 2019 and 2020, and magic Christmas 2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/2020 and 2020/2021.
Por ello, sus leyes y refonnas estructurales siempre son para proteger sus intereses: declaran ilegales las tiuelgas de los trabajadores, son juez y parte en los juicios laborales, siempre le dan razon a la parte patronal y cuando los trabajadores se amparan--como propone el abogado laborista Arturo Alcalde Justiniani--el Estado, despues de un largo proceso, les niega la proteccion.
a excepcion de la Confederacion Patronal de la Republica Mexicana (Coparmex), organismo que un dia despues presento una propuesta alterna llamada "el Acuerdo que Mexico Necesita".
In the framework of the identification of economic and commercial exchanges between Tunisia and Cameroon, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sfax is organizing a multi-sector business mission, in association with the Cameroon's Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and the "Groupement Inter Patronal Camerounais" .
In eight countries, it is now the patronal feast day, with those nations selected the Virgin Mary as their official patroness.
Mas cerca de nuestra experiencia, el escritor argentino Martin Caparros ha insistido siempre en la funcion propiamente politica de la guerra sucia de los anos setenta y ochenta: destruir la resistencia de las organizaciones sindicales frente a las politicas de ajuste disenadas por el representante de la patronal, Jose Alfredo Martinez de Hoz, convertido luego en ministro de Economia de la Junta Militar.
Amid continuing arguments over the relative benefits of practical and patronal charity, as well as applicants' worthiness and the best way to elicit sufficient financial support, Bologna cultivated the first welfare-shelter service in Italy, established dowry savings accounts, and offered early maternity and unemployment benefits.
Midsayap, which is also near the Liguasan Delta, celebrates its patronal fiesta today.
Constituyen testimonios donde es posible verificar el freno que las organizaciones obreras imponen a la ofensiva patronal.