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 (pā′trə-nīz′, păt′rə-)
tr.v. pa·tron·ized, pa·tron·iz·ing, pa·tron·iz·es
1. To act as a patron to; support or sponsor: donors who patronize the orchestra.
2. To go to as a customer, especially on a regular basis: We patronize the local diner.
3. To treat in a condescending manner, often in showing interest or kindness that is insincere: felt she was being patronized by her supervisor.

pa′tron·i·za′tion (-trə-nĭ-zā′shən) n.
pa′tron·iz′ing·ly adv.


(ˌpætrənaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


1. the act of being a patron or supporter
2. the fact of patronizing or being patronized; condescension
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1. Aid or support given by a patron:
aegis, auspice (often used in plural), backing, patronage, sponsorship.
2. Superciliously indulgent treatment, especially of those considered inferior:
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The decoding of genome sequence of jute by Bangladeshi scientists could be possible due to patronization of Sheikh Hasina's government for research.
He said that the 3D art was getting popular globally and there was a dire need of the governmental patronization and active financial support to promote 3D art across Pakistan.
KUWAIT, Feb 28 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Chemical Society will organize next month the Fifth International Chemical Conference under patronization of His Highness the Amir.
The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance Sheikh Saleh bin Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al Al-Sheikh commended the King's patronization of this local Quranic competition which brings together male and female youths from all over the Kingdom to compete in mastering the Holy Quran, pointing out that this great interest in the Holy Quran has been pursued by the leaders of this homeland since its foundation.
However, the role of traffic police and district administration is very questionable as the traffic cops deputed in this area, as well as, anti-encroachments department of the District East are alleged to provide patronization and shelter to this illegal parking and shameful encroachments on service roads and footpaths of the University Road.
Smuggling is going on unimpeded, facilitated by lax enforcement and detection, tax anomalies, lack of patronization to the local industry by the government agencies etc.
He said that there is no dearth of talent in FATA of football but due to lack of patronization of the clubs the football could not be progress.
He said corruption in real estate sector is at its zenith and dozens of fake housing and apartment schemes are being run under the covert patronization of the Sindh Building Control Authority and other stakeholders of the government and they are looting the lifelong savings of citizens in the names of fake plot, bungalow and flat schemes.
Pakistan as is, has serious concerns, with regard to Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan and patronization of Balochistan militants against it from Afghanistan territory.
On behalf of all the ministry's affiliates, he extended deepest thanks to HRH the Crown Prince, hailing the patronization of the graduation ceremony which, he said, coincides with the Bahrain Police Day, on the 14th of December, and the festivities marking the national days.
He told the participants that the present educational activity has the patronization of Scientific Committee OASAC International Conference 2018 as a preconference workshop.
This includes stereotyping, patronization and distortion regarding the Middle East.