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Noun1.pauperisation - the act of making someone poor
privation, deprivation - act of depriving someone of food or money or rights; "nutritional privation"; "deprivation of civil rights"
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The one thing to avoid in the giving away of money is pauperisation.
La nature de la colonisation avait conduit les victimes d'expropriations massives et de la pauperisation a rejoindre les villes ou a emprunter les chemins de l'emigration.
Qui plus est, pour le specialiste en agriculture, c'est dans ces memes zones rurales que l'on denombre de forts taux d'analphabetisme, de pauperisation croissante et une deficience en infrastructures : ecoles, dispensaires, travail.
With their policies they undermine our future and are leading us and our parents to further pauperisation," the announcement said.
A travers l'evolution des travaux, l'auteur nous fait decouvrir les evenements menant au << Lundi rouge>>, le point culminant d'une greve illegale declenchee au printemps 1843 par les <<canal iers>> (neologisme du terme anglais canallers) mecontents de leur continuelle pauperisation.
The result has been pauperisation of the small peasantry and food crises marked by increasing and volatile food prices.
I fear that the way to defend our communities against job losses, wage cuts and pauperisation is that the people of Britain also will have to learn these lessons and TAKE the road of mass direct action.
He makes a point that in apartheid South Africa as in the colonised Algeria, "the expropriation of the best rural land and the pauperisation of the peasantry from the early years of the twentieth century in Algeria helped speed up rural migration and with it the growth of [shack] settlements" (p.
Quoi qu'il en soit, au desastre de l'economie egyptienne et au desarroi d'un peuple en pauperisation chronique, le pouvoir en place reste, dans le meilleur des cas, sourd, a tout le moins peu receptif et, dans le pire, repressif.
It's Government policies which are causing pauperisation.
The primary factors and variables of their subjugation, exploitation, marginalisation, discrimination and comprehensive pauperisation are discoverable within the various structural paradigms of South Sudanese society.
Generally, the term is used to denote flight of human capital (mostly trained by the developing countries at the expense of tax payer's money) from the developing countries to the developed world, leading to pauperisation of human resource in the less developed countries.