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adj. pawk·i·er, pawk·i·est Chiefly British
Shrewd and cunning, often in a humorous manner.

[From English dialectal pawk, a trick.]


adj, pawkier or pawkiest
Scot having or characterized by a dry wit
[C17: from Scottish pawk trick, of unknown origin]
ˈpawkily adv
ˈpawkiness n
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Adj.1.pawky - cunning and sly; "the pawky rich old lady who incessantly scores off her parasitical descendants"- Punch
Britain, Great Britain, U.K., UK, United Kingdom, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles; divided into England and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland; `Great Britain' is often used loosely to refer to the United Kingdom
artful - marked by skill in achieving a desired end especially with cunning or craft; "the artful dodger"; "an artful choice of metaphors"
References in classic literature ?
Keep a secret if ye can frae the pawky ears o' yer domestics in the servants' hall
You are developing a certain unexpected vein of pawky humour, Watson, against which I must learn to guard myself.
Groundskeeper Willie's real-life antecedent, the comic-singer Harry Lauder, became the most internationally celebrated Scotsman in the first half of the last century through his exaggeration of Scottish speech, slyness, and care with money, helped by his trademark outfit of kilt, bonnet and curly stick, to present a pawky, almost pre-industrial personality (though Lauder himself started work in the mines).
IT is almost 250 years since Irish playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan penned The Rivals but clever direction has kept it fresh and pawky.
Now I [jokingly] think of myself as Sybil, the wife of the innkeeper on [the BBC comedy], Pawky Towers.
According to Birnie in an author's note, 'I hope "Glendower's Honour" will merit as much favour with the public as did my former efforts to portray scenes, characters and incidents in the daily lives of the hardy, shrewd, pawky folks of the North of Scotland' (p.
For those who began reading Philip Roth as he began writing, with pawky provocations such as Goodbye, Columbus (1959), Portnoy's Complaint (1969), and The Breast (1972), he remains the eternal enfant terrible of American letters.
The music soars and plunges through every mood from pensive melancholy to pawky humour.
Flann O'Brien certainly wrote two novels, before he began airing prejudices in two other polemical works full of pawky jokes and flatulence.
Are leaders of these churches pawky Antichrists who are primarily interested in monetary gains?
Although modest and self-deprecating (and sometimes falling back into the folksy idiom of the pawky Midwesterner that he was), Brooks wrote and spoke and persuaded with authority.
The 31-year-old Iowan with only one previous main-tour victory to his name and only one top-ten finish under his 2007 cv until Sunday played every one of the 16 par fives on the week as three-shotters - most of them he would have had to anyway in the cold air as his driving average was a pawky 265 yards and he rated only 57th place among the 60 qualifiers for distance.