pay heed

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: heed - give heed (to)pay heed - give heed (to); "The children in the audience attended the recital quietly"; "She hung on his every word"; "They attended to everything he said"
listen - hear with intention; "Listen to the sound of this cello"
fixate - pay attention to exclusively and obsessively; "The media are fixating on Princess Diana's death"
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Mary, who, I have found out, opens all his letters, gave her consent, and, I doubt not, instructed him to pay heed to what happened so that he might repeat it to her, for despite her curiosity she knows not how it began herself.
Martin nodded that he heard, - it was a habit of nature with him to pay heed to whoever talked to him, - and poured a cup of lukewarm coffee.
While seminars and conferences on the topic are important the federal and provincial governments should pay heed to them to devise a strategy to counter climate change effects before the country is too vulnerable to make any amends.
The federal interior minister and Nadra chief do not pay heed to people's complaints.
I witnessed the applicants decried as the officials treat them rudely and do not pay heed to their complaints.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 10 (ANI): Financial Services Secretary Rajeev Kumar on Wednesday clarified that the Government of India has no proposal to discontinue free banking services from January 20 and asked people not to pay heed to 'baseless rumours'.
Kamal said that government needs to pay heed to the party's concerns, adding that usurping the rights of Karachi residents will not be allowed.
Ghias un Tayyab said in this connection that hospital staff can pay heed to patients and perform well only if they do not face office related complications.
In a joint statement along with Senior Vice Chairman Tanveer Ahmed Sufi and Vice Chairman Khawaja Shahzeb Akram, he lamented that the previous government did not pay heed to rehabilitation and maintenance of the power plants.
Speaking at an administrative meeting held here on Wednesday afternoon, she requested the people in the hills and the former Maoist stronghold of Jangalmahal not to pay heed to any form of instigation or rumours.
A statement issued by the ministry urged citizens and residents not to pay heed to attempts to undermine public confidence in the country's healthcare services.
The MCA managing director said that if Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) pay heed towards the KP districts and particularly to Peshawar, then the day was not far to bring intelligent and real players before the world while they would also be part of national cricket team.