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phone, telephone, telephone set - electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds; "I talked to him on the telephone"
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Each pay-phone will provide wireless broadband network coverage within a radius of 150 metres.
The network will be built at thousands of pay-phones placed on highly attractive spots all over Sweden, according to the company.
his wife received a pay-phone call from someone who asked for the judge, but when the judge got to the phone, the caller hung up.
Brian Hesler, chief fire officer for Northumberland, gave the warning in the wake of news that 88 pay-phone kiosks in Berwick, Alnwick and Castle Morpeth are earmarked to be axed.
We would not leave a small community without a pay-phone but it is worth remembering that only seven per cent of emergency calls now go through pay-phones.
A sixth of all 6000 public pay-phones in Scotland are set to be closed due to massive growth of mobiles.
The company claims "It's good to talk" but Malvern Hills District Council which wants a pay-phone moved to make way for the sculpture on a pavement in Malvern Link says it has been asked to send information through a facsimile machine.
Pay-phone resellers recognize that the cellular industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and with the introduction of the DebitFone Vending Machine, they too can benefit from the cellular explosion by placing the DebitFone Vending Machine along side existing pay phones.
The president of American Public Communications Council, the national association of independent pay-phone providers, said he hasn't found a single reported incident of needles in pay phones.
Calls to 911, 1-800 or 1-888 and calling-card calls remain free to pay-phone users.
Say goodbye to one of the last certainties of a tumultuous telephone industry: the 20-cent local pay-phone call.
Russian national operator Rostelecom has taken up work to upgrade pay-phones in North Ossetia republic.