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payed 1

A past tense and a past participle of pay1.

payed 2

A past tense and a past participle of pay2.
References in classic literature ?
Bobbinet, very pretty, but Miss Monson bought one not quite as pretty, at Lace's; and SHE payed SIXTY- FIVE, if I am not mistaken.
It comes in over the boat's bow, passes around a drum, and is payed out astern.
The frame was of poles and willow twigs, on which were stretched five elk and buffalo hides, sewed together with sinews, and the seams payed with unctuous mud.
Meriem, following, payed little attention to directions.
He said Parliamentarians were not being given free tickets but the government payed ticket price on behalf of law makers.
Minister Kgathi was responding to a question from Francistown East Member of Parliament, Mr Buti Billy, who had asked the minister to explain how Legal Aid Botswana assisted the poor as per its mandate, especially those who needed expert opinions in order to sue for medical negligence and whether Legal Aid Botswana payed for expert fees.
Briefing the committee, secretary information informed that Pakistan Television payed more than Rs seven billion to its 5,000 employees per year, while PTV stood at No 18 with reference to rating.
The ones who made it payed a cost, they won the war and yet still lost.
Betts payed tribute to Kingstone Press Championship part-timers Fax, who operate on a budget which is around five times smaller than that of their top-flight rivals.
It means that the Kerry-Cork game will now almost certainly be payed in Fitzgerald Stadium in Killarney, where both the draw and the replayed provincial decider between the two counties took place in 2015.
Palestinian Minister of public works and housing Mufid Al-Hasayna said in remarks to the local media that the compensations are payed through the Bank of Palestine as the total Kuwaiti grant is USD 4,996,000.
This came during visit payed by Governor of Red Sea State, Ali Ahmed Hamid and his accompanied delegation to Halayeb Locality, Sunday, The Commissioner hoped that the State Government would provide more services to the citizens during the coming period.