paying back

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Noun1.paying back - a reciprocal group action; "in return we gave them as good as we got"
group action - action taken by a group of people
requital, payment - an act of requiting; returning in kind
retaliation, revenge - action taken in return for an injury or offense
reciprocation - the act of making or doing something in return
tit for tat - an equivalent given in return
References in classic literature ?
Tamoszius made good wages; and little by little the family were paying back their debt to Marija, so she ought soon to have enough to start life upon--only, with her preposterous softheartedness, she would insist upon spending a good part of her money every week for things which she saw they needed.
With Dover's ugly security soon to be put in force, with the proceeds of his practice immediately absorbed in paying back debts, and with the chance, if the worst were known, of daily supplies being refused on credit, above all with the vision of Rosamond's hopeless discontent continually haunting him, Lydgate had begun to see that he should inevitably bend himself to ask help from somebody or other.
Thus the farmers were compelled to borrow more and more, while they were prevented from paying back old loans.
Cardiff Crown Court was told that while Fong had paid back the council tax benefit he was paying back the pension credit at a rate of PS24 per fortnight.
But the Record can today reveal the eyewatering price the public will end up paying back for up to 30 years - despite having already shovelled billions into the pockets of private contractors.
Andrew Davies, defending, said Winstone was not in good health and was paying back all she could.
It was OK when the German government pumped money into the Greek economy and in return the Greek people were using that money to buy German luxury goods while at the same time paying back the loan - the Germans were in a win-win situation.
BUSINESSES in Flintshire are some of the best in the UK when it comes to paying back loans.
LePage often reminds voters about his government's paying back of the $484 million debt to hospitals.