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Noun1.pea pod - husk of a peapea pod - husk of a pea; edible in some garden peas
pea - the fruit or seed of a pea plant
cod, pod, seedcase - the vessel that contains the seeds of a plant (not the seeds themselves)
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The text of Pea Pod Lullaby is poetical, prayer-like, with pleas for the pod-like boat to 'hold me', its sail to 'steady me', the quiet deep to 'buoy me'; and, as the castaways reach the end of their perilous journey and spy land, the hope that someone will 'welcome me'.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Pea Pod At Military Farm Meerut
Common to most pea plants is the legume, the botanical name for the long flattened fruit that opens along a seam--the pea pod in this case.
CUTLINE: (1) Joey Diverdi, 13, a carrot, and John Massarelli, 13, a pea pod, both of Paxton, represented the Worcester District Medical Society Alliance.
Ms Sanderson, the managing director of blue pea POD, said: "I have met business leaders who are focused, impatient and sometimes get angry.
Pea Pod Hostess Set From Table ArtThe three-piece Pea Pod Hostess Set from Table Art contains a cocktail fork, butter knife and cheese spreader.
HARRISON FORD is the stalk of the town as he turns up for an LA Hallowe'en do dressed as a giant pea pod.
Lindbloom, 37, dressed up in a lifesize pea pod costume and went to the Crowne Plaza Hotel for the "A meeting with Phil" contest Tuesday.
As leathery pomegranate packed with seeds circulating through all of us, you were sweet sap, you were apple; even in old age never drained: fine high jet of conversation endlessly rising and falling, no I am not exaggerating here: you were articulation's juiciest snow pea pod of a man loaded with salts crystallizing into sugars, into hard fragrant cider: even sagging from the heart-stem painfully, at the apparent end you were still full of it, spirits that never sting but speak true, brisk buckups for darkening friends, fruit flies and honey bees multiplying around you then as they do now, under leafless trees stricken, jostling each other for one more sip of you.
I told him about the pea project we were doing in school, where you have to measure the depth of a pea pod.