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Noun1.peace advocacy - any policy that advocates maintaining peaceful international relations
dovishness - any political orientation favoring compromise to avoid conflict
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7 million to support 17 community-based projects led by US exchange alumni, including agro-enterprise development, a roving toy library for children of the internally displaced families, and Project YACAP (Youth Amplifying, Co-creating, and Advocating Peace), a peace advocacy initiative.
Luchie was likewise active in peace advocacy, particularly in interfaith conversations and dialogues.
Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones has expressed full support to peace advocacy group Yes For Peace amid threats of violence experienced in some parts of the country.
50% of Peace Harvest ticket sales will go to support Peace Advocacy Network (http://peaceadvocacynetwork.
KUWAIT, Sept 25 (KUNA) -- The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs coordinate to promote intellectual moderation and peace advocacy among students in the country, affirmed the Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr.
Long-time and generous member Yvonne Logan has planned to continue funding the JAPA Disarmament Fund, which supports our DISARM/END WARS Issue Committee and others who work on peace advocacy and disarmament.
The opposition leader's spokesperson further added that the conference will also handle internal matters within the rebel movement including its foreign policy and peace advocacy.
Peace advocacy and activism had been organized since colonial times.
Study authors recommend a prevention of war curriculum focusing on four domains: militarism, international peace work, peace advocacy and peace research.
Others take a case-study approach to particular peace tourist ventures and niches: including a site in Korea that was intended to bridge hostilities in that divided country; a Peace Boat in Japan; visiting where the nuclear bombs fell on Nagasaki and Hiroshima; engaging with Aboriginal people in Australia; and participating in pilgrimages and peace advocacy in Israel and Palestine.
Pax Christi USA, the Catholic peace advocacy organization, has changed the venue of its 2013 national conference from Washington to Atlanta because of "concerns regarding labor justice" issues at the Washington hotel.
He considers their history since they emerged in 17th-century Europe; the working conditions and vocational aims of, as well as relations between, musicians and other participants; different kinds of venues where orchestras perform and the architecture they inspire; the role money, patronage, and endowments played in the rise of concert-going culture; conductors, why they matter, and why maestros are a myth; musicology and popular music criticism; the impact recording technology had on orchestras; and the relationship between orchestras and politics, especially concerning peace advocacy.