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A time free from war.

peace′time′ adj.


a. a period without war; time of peace
b. (as modifier): a peacetime agreement.



a period of freedom from war.
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Noun1.peacetime - a period of time during which there is no warpeacetime - a period of time during which there is no war
period, period of time, time period - an amount of time; "a time period of 30 years"; "hastened the period of time of his recovery"; "Picasso's blue period"
زَمَن السِّلْم


[ˈpiːstaɪm] Ntiempos mpl de paz


peace-time [ˈpiːstaɪm]
in peacetime → en temps de paix
during peacetime → en temps de paix
modif [conditions, economy, defence spending] → en temps de paixpeace treaty ntraité m de paix, paix f


[ˈpiːsˌtaɪm] n in peacetimein tempo di pace


(piːs) noun
1. (sometimes with a) (a time of) freedom from war; (a treaty or agreement which brings about) the end or stopping of a war. Does our country want peace or war?; (also adjective) a peace treaty.
2. freedom from disturbance; quietness. I need some peace and quiet.
ˈpeaceable adjective
liking peace; not fighting, quarrelling etc. He's a peaceable person.
ˈpeaceably adverb
ˈpeaceful adjective
quiet; calm; without worry or disturbance. It's very peaceful in the country.
ˈpeacefully adverb
ˈpeacefulness noun
ˈpeacemaker noun
a person who tries to make peace between enemies, people who are quarrelling etc. When my brother and sister quarrel I act as peacemaker.
ˈpeace-offering noun
something offered or given to make peace. She took him a drink as a peace-offering.
ˈpeacetime noun
a time when there is no war. Even in peacetime, a soldier's life is hard.
at peace
not at war; not fighting. The two countries were at peace.
in peace
1. without disturbance. Why can't you leave me in peace?
2. not wanting to fight. They said they came in peace.
make peace
to agree to end a war. The two countries finally made peace (with each other).
peace of mind
freedom from worry etc.
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It was that first period of a campaign when troops are still in full trim, almost like that of peacetime maneuvers, but with a shade of martial swagger in their clothes, and a touch of the gaiety and spirit of enterprise which always accompany the opening of a campaign.