peach orchard

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Noun1.peach orchard - a grove of peach treespeach orchard - a grove of peach trees    
orchard, woodlet, grove, plantation - garden consisting of a small cultivated wood without undergrowth
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There was plenty of water and limestone, a rough house, excellent corrals, and a peach orchard.
to a single-vehicle crash on Peach Orchard Road just east of the Perry County line.
The research was installed in the peach orchard of the Agricultural Center of Palma (31[degrees]52 'S and 52[degrees]21' W), at the Federal University of Pelotas, located in the municipality of Capao do Leao, RS, Brazil.
A McDonald's restaurant owned and operated by Mathews Management Company and Peach Orchard, Inc.
2006) in a peach orchard in the Serra Gaucha region, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil.
The scientists conducted their latest study in a peach orchard in Quincy, Florida, in 2013 and 2014, applying treatments to trees infested with the lesser peachtree borer.
In a non-sterilized soil of peach orchard, inoculation with F.
The bulk of the anthology is devoted to full translations of seven plays: Liu, Guan, and Zhang: The Tripartite Oath of Brotherhood in the Peach Orchard (anon.
When applied to the soil, compost may be mineralized over time by soil microorganisms in the peach orchard, which would increase the total organic C content, the microbial biomass C content, and the metabolic activity of the microorganisms (Adani, Genevini, Ricca, Tambone, & Montoneri, 2007; Baldi et al.
5-foot depths in an adjacent peach orchard where trees had expressed PRD.
It tells the tale of a medical student who spends a summer working in a peach orchard to pay for his final year of tuition.
1; and one additional operation in Clay County, the Peach Orchard prep plant, were each recognized for their commitment to safety through the awards given annually to qualifying underground and surface mining operations across the state of West Virginia.