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Noun1.peach tree - cultivated in temperate regionspeach tree - cultivated in temperate regions  
peach - downy juicy fruit with sweet yellowish or whitish flesh
genus Prunus, Prunus - a genus of shrubs and trees of the family Rosaceae that is widely distributed in temperate regions
fruit tree - tree bearing edible fruit
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It is very ancient; and the irregularity of the streets, and the surrounding groves of old orange and peach trees, gave it a pretty appearance.
I finally found a way to thwart squirrels from stripping peaches from our peach tree.
List=4206d93f-559b-47b1-a67e-efe319997b4a&ID=103&Web=a01cb228-31e0-4468-8e80-f44a93c1d947) peach tree short life , which caused trees to suddenly wither and die in their first year or two of bearing fruit.
The complete auto shading of the lower part of the crown is not interesting for the peach tree, as in most perennial crops, despite the photochromic adaptations of the shaded leaves, the peach tree can reduce the number of internal branches of production (Tomaz et al.
The phenological data used came from a collection composed of peach tree selections resulting from genetic improvement located in Urussanga, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil (28[degrees] 31 'S, and 49[degrees] 19' W, 49 m asl).
It tells the exciting story of a little peach pit whose task it is to be planted and to be patient, to persevere through the important job of overcoming obstacles and growing into the best peach tree ever.
Improving the physical, microbiological and, particularly, chemical attributes of the soil increases root production of the peach tree, particularly at the soil surface (Baldi et al.
To the Gates of Atlanta: From Kennesaw Mountain to Peach Tree Creek, July 1-July 19, 1864
This classic peach tree yields large fruit with balanced flavor, perfect for eating fresh, baking, or canning.
The Battle of Peach Tree Creek: Hood's First Sortie, 20 July 1864 is an exhaustive analysis of the point in the American Civil War when the tide of battle shifted strongly against the South.
The peach tree, Prunus persica, is a deciduous tree, native to China, where it was first cultivated.
Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under) plays medical student Susan Wheeler who starts her first year of training at the Peach Tree Memorial Hospital.