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pea coat

or pea·coat (pē′kōt′)
A short, warm, double-breasted coat of heavy wool, traditionally worn by sailors. Also called pea jacket.

[pea (as in pea jacket) + coat.]

pea′ jack`et

1. a short, double-breasted coat of navy-blue wool, worn by seamen.
2. any jacket or short coat resembling this.
Also called peacoat.
[1715–25, Amer.; pea, variant sp. of pay, pee, pie coat of coarse woolen cloth (late Middle English pee, pey, pie; akin to Dutch pij, dial. Frisian pey, dial. Swedish paje); perhaps modeled on Frisian (N Frisian) pijekkat]
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Noun1.peacoat - a sailor's heavy woolen double-breasted jacketpeacoat - a sailor's heavy woolen double-breasted jacket
jacket - a short coat
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Yet in its ill-lighted window, among a flaring handkerchief or two, an old peacoat or so, a few valueless watches and compasses, a jar of tobacco and two crossed pipes, a bottle of walnut ketchup, and some horrible sweets these creature discomforts serving as a blind to the main business of the Leaving Shop--was displayed the inscription SEAMAN'S BOARDING-HOUSE.
Plum leather biker jacket PS180, white T-shirt PS4, textured trousers PS35 Grey pom pom sweater PS30 Khaki parka PS68, cream pom pom sweater PS34, straight-leg jeans PS30 Blue stripe shirt PS30, neppy tapered trousers PS42, patent fringe loafers PS32 Navy peacoat PS60, long-sleeve top PS10, star embroidered jeans PS36, white Converse trainers PS50 Teracotta jacket PS60, trousers PS35, white shirt PS22
The listing on Net-A-Porter says: "Embrace this season's 'haute heritage' trend with Miu Miu's double-breasted peacoat - it has been expertly tailored in Italy from a luxurious wool-blend.
Ivanka, who attended the event with her husband, White House senior advisor Jared Kushner, and their children, Arabella and Joseph, wore a $2,995 double-breasted Dolce & Gabbana peacoat over a 1,695 dollars floral skirt by the same designer.
The all-ages show also features local acts Peacoat Gang, 86ixt and TristanRoget.
I think it is amazing that he outfitted women in blazers and smoking jackets, and introduced attire like the peacoat to the runway.
Instead, she sent the link to an Old Navy peacoat she was eyeing online.
It's difficult to find a balance between rugged and tailored, but the fitted peacoat and layered sweater worn with distressed boots do the trick.
A COUPLE of years ago my grandad gave me his old camel hair peacoat from the 70s, which was in absolutely perfect nick and it's been my staple outer wear item since.
I watch her put on her olive-gray peacoat and throw her leather satchel over her shoulder.