peacock chair

pea′cock chair`

a wicker armchair with a high circular back.
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Daisy and Pearl Lowe in the latter's bedroom with pink faux silk Clarence Chemise curtains, with a thermal lining, from PS123 (127cm x 137cm) Hillarys, Peacock chair, and 1920s mirrored dressing table, which Pearl bought 15 years ago.
f you're rocking a Seventies vibe by piling on the pot plants for an outdoor/indoor theme, working a boho look with a high-back rattan peacock chair, or keeping it simple with eco-friendly pared-back kitchen designs, then you're ahead of the decor game.
In collaboration with top Philippine small to medium enterprises, nine young and notable designers will recast the Peacock Chair (also called Philippine Chair) in uniquely modern versions, founded on the original design that captivated the world since its debut in the early 1900s.
The offerings (a rattan peacock chair, Bauhaus-inspired copper pyramid planters) are meant to float between indoors and out.
The Centre Pompidou--an art museum conscious of interior design if ever there was one--began to collect in the mid-1990s, acquiring a Peacock chair by the Danish designer Verner Panton at the 1997 Christie's sale.
Not content with simply designing the Broadie Fine Arts Building, Tafel also secured the donation of ten French modern paintings for the building's permanent collection and donated an original Peacock Chair designed by architectural icon Frank Lloyd Wright, his teacher during his 1932 to 1941 Taliesin Fellowship apprenticeship.
Thirty years ago, every self-respecting poseur had a wicker peacock chair plonked in pride of place in the lounge for friends to admire.
Tenders are invited for Peacock Chair Made Out Of Rubber Wood With Arm Rest Cushion Seat
A Natural Hanging Rattan Chair, PS330, and the equally impressive Natural Peacock Chair, PS795, are both appropriate.
Tenders are invited for Visitors Peacock Chairs With Arm.
Tenders are invited for Peacock Chairs With Arms Model: C103 Or Similar