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A female peafowl.

[Middle English pohen, pehenne : po, peacock; see peacock + hen, female bird; see hen.]



the female peafowl.
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Noun1.peahen - female peafowlpeahen - female peafowl      
bird of Juno, peafowl - very large terrestrial southeast Asian pheasant often raised as an ornamental bird


[ˈpiːhen] Npava f real


[ˈpiːˌhɛn] npavona, pavonessa
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A peacock and peahen are regularly putting on a show for visitors as they roam the Octagonal garden.
He has sent peahen Daisy to Yvonne to see if she can bring Mildew out of his depression.
She wails like a peahen, a singular talent which has already prompted a nocturnal trip to the GP.
I learnt something today from a High Court judge - that a peahen gets pregnant drinking tears of a peacock.
40) would be to get a pin and close your eyes, but if the pin landed on Peahen (pictured) it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
Rosalind Cooper's peacock died last year leaving her peahen, Nutmeg, without a mate.
He now has a new home with a family who already had a peahen and were looking for a peacock as a mate for her.
Moreover, the scientists also concluded that it was not necessarily true that the most striking peacock was likely to attract the most desirable peahen.
The hospitals chief executive Ms Ruth Harrison said: "We have no idea where he came from but we would like to hear from anyone who may have a peahen they could give to the hospital to keep Percy company as he seems to be having a lonely life.
They make a wonderful, wild look,'' she said of black-and-white spotted peahen feathers that graced a buckskin-colored gourd.
It is doubtful that a female turkey finds a fine male's wattle or gobble any less appealing than the peahen finds her mate's many eyespots, or the female swallow her male's tail.
But the two males and peahen have grown too large, and staff are looking for new homes for them.