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In 2004, California mandated that all regulated utilities must have the ability to curtail at least 5% of their system peak loads by 2007.
But our primary interest is to send it out to our customers to evaluate as a high-quality continuous-power system and also as a means for them to lower their total cost of energy by handling peak loads under performance contracts,'' Carbonara said.
Reducing peak loads during critical demand days is an important focus of Western Power, and being able to dynamically manage this while considering tenant comfort is a key to getting building owners to participate in demand response management programs.
Portions of the building's exterior will be outfitted with photovoltaic cells, expected to generate 5% of the electricity needed during peak loads.
Heat waves could produce peak loads this summer to rival those of recent years," Whitley explained.
Heat waves in July and August 2006 set New York's top three record peak loads.
Unlike any other technology, GridPoint Utility Solution reshapes the load duration curve (efficiently balancing supply and demand) by deploying stored power during peak periods, reducing customers' peak loads, optimizing existing base-load generation assets and relieving stress on transmission and distribution (T&D) lines.
Process Organized with Efficient Resources) methodology delivers consistent levels of excellence for efficiently managing peak loads and guaranteeing uptime.
During California's heat storm this past July, peak loads on the CAISO system exceeded the historical peak by 10 percent," added Crane.
PLMA selected the KEPCO for recognition because of its tremendous achievements in lowering peak loads on a huge scale at great financial and environmental savings.
The Ontario Ministry of Energy is proposing legislation that requires utilities to collect electricity usage data more frequently, and to offer programs that enable customers to respond to time-sensitive pricing, especially during periods of peak loads.