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market surveyors forecast the semiconductor industry would peak off in 2019.
Kyle Dempster and Scott Adamson began their ascent of the 7,285-metre (23,900-foot) Ogre-II peak off the Choktoi Glacier in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan on Sunday August 21, but went missing the next day and have not been seen since.
Perhaps they should fence the peak off and have an entrance at the bottom to vet climbers and ensure they have a brain.
Program to improve the operation of auscultation is the creation of: - 24 new piezometers peak off for measurement of pore pressures - 24 piezometric equipment including 4 new at the bank, : - 2 new and a new tassometres inclinometer.
Reece, a Kentucky native, spent much of 2003 and 2004 watching a mining company "top" a mountain--dynamiting the peak off so the coal could be scooped out.
11 Conference on Peak Off, Food and the Economy, Insurance Hall, London, organised by East Anglia Food Link
Garduno-Argueta & Calderon-Perez (1994) and Edwards (1978) found March to September, with a June peak off Mazatlan.
He should be at his peak off a rating just 4lb higher than his Racing Post Chase winning mark.
Suharto's power is still strong, so what we have done so far is only slicing the peak off the pyramid," he said, referring to the success of students in forcing Suharto to step down.
2--color) The Backbone Trail near Saddle Peak off Saddle Peak Road looks northeast in Hondo Canyon.
Words like understated luxury and environmentally consciou come to mind after a visit to the $22 million, 120,000 square-feet methode champenoise facility built in a hillside next to 742-foot-high Milliken Peak off Old Sonoma Road.