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Having a pearly luster or gloss.

pearl·es′cence n.


a pearly lustre or sheen
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For cold-mold processes, CrystalView automatically controls polymer orientation at the blow molder by detecting the very edge of where the process gets too cold and pearlescence begins to form in the feet of the bottle.
Agr's solution is to monitor pearlescence in the bottle--a sign of crazing--with an electronic camera and adjust the preform temperature to the lowest level above the point of crazing so as to combine highest orientation with longest time to stress cracking.
Comments: Excellent for suspending pigments and particles of glitter and pearlescence, making it possible to create a variety of aesthetically-pleasing, novel skin and hair care products
In some respects, the leather industry has benefited from that creativity and from proposing aspects that were not considered as suitable for leather before: metallics, pearlescence and prints.
SHIMMERY pearlescence is a key beauty look this autumn and blusher hasn't escaped the trend.
Lamin-Art announces its newest and largest collection of Pearlescence premium decorative laminate.
Glass looks are fresh as inserts in cabinet doors, countertops and backsplashes, especially when combined with intricate patterns like pearlescence, silverscreen, mirrored and linen textures.
MARKETS SERVED: Engelhard's color pigments and special effect materials can add sharp color, shimmer, pearlescence, iridescence or sparkle to products in virtually every market, including:
Colour shifts, tactile effects and pearlescence now combine to create a stunning finish and are certain to make any sleeved product catch the eye.
At the other end of the spectrum, manufacturers are emphasizing the dressier side of the market, with silk fabrics and fancy fringes at Newport; chenille and Lurex yarns at Mohawk Home; pearlescence and gold details at Trendex Home Designs; metallics and sparkling sheers at Bardwil Linens; lace, ribbon and tassels at Louisville Bedding; cutwork at Ex-Cell Home Fashions; piecework and embroidery at Fashion Pillows; and beads and sequins at Avon.
With 21st-century technologies allowing us to use special effects in a wide variety of products, pearlescence, iridescence, textures, and other complex finishes have continued to grow in importance.
Instaset Dyes are available in 14 colors as well as a pearl base to add pearlescence to designs.