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Having a pearly luster or gloss.

pearl·es′cence n.


a pearly lustre or sheen
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The new Benefit POREfessional Pearl Primer has the same formula as the oil-controlling, pore-minimizing original but with an added pearlescence.
Laminart has a beautiful, distinctive collection of designs, including our Pearlescence and Premium Wood Print collections.
Pearlescence, haze, rocker bottoms, and top-load failure are common ills that can afflict PET bottles.
With a full spectrum of colors that can range in appearance from bright sparkle to silky pearlescence, carmakers today have an endless variety of options.
For cold-mold processes, CrystalView automatically controls polymer orientation at the blow molder by detecting the very edge of where the process gets too cold and pearlescence begins to form in the feet of the bottle.
Pearlescence is a kind of ingredient found in fish scales that has been used in some lipsticks.
Comments: Excellent for suspending pigments and particles of glitter and pearlescence, making it possible to create a variety of aesthetically-pleasing, novel skin and hair care products
There was another girl inside her, the girl from the photograph, all long straight hair and pretty pearlescence.
In some respects, the leather industry has benefited from that creativity and from proposing aspects that were not considered as suitable for leather before: metallics, pearlescence and prints.
He says the natural fit of the metal band and the pearlescence of the liner matching the pearlescence of the folding carton continue this subtle theme.
SHIMMERY pearlescence is a key beauty look this autumn and blusher hasn't escaped the trend.
Lamin-Art announces its newest and largest collection of Pearlescence premium decorative laminate.