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(Forestry) wood from the pear tree



the hard, fine-grained reddish wood of the pear tree, used for furniture and musical instruments.
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Available in oak, pearwood, maple, walnut and more, such kitchens have a timeless appeal which suits most homes.
Applewood will scent the room, pearwood smells like flowers in bloom.
At the other end of the scale were exquisite small figures and groups in boxwood, and pearwood reliefs, as well as the stunning, freely executed bronze Virgin Mary and Child (c.
Finished to the highest standard, the property boasts a high gloss fitted kitchen with granite worktops, a Heritage bathroom suite including bath and separate Roman shower, Symphony pearwood fitted wardrobes and bedside cabinets, underfloor heating, hardwood double glazing and quality fitted carpets.
Crafted from materials such as seasoned pearwood and ebony, with real sheep gut strings, it took several months to make.
For the cycle she chose the hard, practically grainless pearwood, working over several months at achieving a coherence of line, images, form, and shape in order to communicate with her audience as directly and clearly as possible.
I found it interesting that it should be called Pearwood, as the flavour was more woody than pear, But in my book that's a good thing - and there are enough sweet pear-flavoured ciders on the market already.
The vanity unit boasts a pearwood finish to match the other built-in furniture.
The barrel-shaped washbasin and furniture unit is available with five attractive surfaces: Macassar, American Walnut, Pearwood and the new White high gloss and Black high gloss finishes.
The cupboards are pearwood veneer, with natural wood throughout (figures 10, 11).
Pear, Swiss pear, European pear, common pear, pear tree, pearwood, wild pear, choke pear
It's difficult to forget his image of drinking tea in the souk listening to the Armenian clarinet player who carries his instrument in a pearwood case.