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 (pĕk′tə-nāt′) also pec·ti·nat·ed (-nā′tĭd)
Having projections resembling the teeth of a comb; comblike.

pec′ti·na′tion n.


(ˈpɛktɪˌneɪt) or


(Biology) shaped like a comb: pectinate antennae.
[C18: from Latin pectinātus combed; see pecten]
ˌpectiˈnation n


(ˈpɛk təˌneɪt)

also pec′ti•nat`ed,

having closely parallel, toothlike projections; comblike.
[1785–95; < Latin pectinātus, past participle of pectināre to comb, derivative of pecten comb (see pecten); see -ate1]
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Adj.1.pectinate - like a comb
rough - of the margin of a leaf shape; having the edge cut or fringed or scalloped
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Marginals numerous, the inner ones slightly longer than the laterals, their tips relatively narrow and finely pectinate laterally; marginals progressively longer and more slender in middle of series then shorter with proportionately broader tips at radula margin.
marginally inserted ovules and a distal pinnatifid, pectinate, or
Suction rectal biopsies taken at 2 and 4 cm above the pectinate line were obtained from 20 children who were being investigated because of constipation or intestinal obstruction.
22C); remaining marginals with smaller, ladle-shaped cusps with a finely pectinate margin, the outermost one with a somewhat enlarged cusp (Fig.
Palp three rows of trichobothria on tibia and 1 claw with 11 pectinate teeth.
The filicalean genera Matonia, Dennstaedtia, Adiantum, and Pteridium occur in a pectinate arrangement at successively more distal nodes below a clade that consists of Cyathea + Acrostichum as sister group to Onoclea + Polypodium.
Marginals closely resembling those of Herpetopoma scabriusculum, the cusps of the inner ones with a strongly pectinate outer margin; outermost marginals shorter and with a slightly dilated, fringed cusp.
Tarsi with pair of pectinate claws, with 25-30 teeth, and claw tufts (Fig.
Leaves persistent (3-)4 years, usually pectinate and 2-ranked, leathery, linear, abruptly narrowed at the petiole, 2-4.
Chelicerae dark orange-brown with black mottling, paler proximally retrolaterally, distally prolaterally and on posterior surface of paturon, with long, erect straight setae on anterior surface and pectinate curved setae on fang promargin (Fig.
4-5), tarsi with two claws, prolateral claw distinctly more pectinate than retrolateral claw.
all grasses except Anomochloa and Streptochaeta) there is a pectinate arrangement among a series of lineages that have often been assigned to Bambusoideae, with Pharus, Ehrhartoideae, Eremitis, Bambuseae, and Olyreae diverging sequentially from the lineage that includes the PACC clade as sister to a clade in which Brachyelytrum is sister to Pooideae.