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gather the Smi language teaching groups nationwide so that teaching can be given pedagogically in a sensible way: by differentiating the Smi languages, differentiating Smi as their mother tongue and learning as their second language as their own teaching group, taking into account the age group / classroom,
The workshop aimed to help instructors strengthen learners' participation, engagement, motivation and achievement through the careful integration of pedagogically grounded interactive tools and technology in their courses.
It is a comprehensive, online, institutionally scalable, researcher training program, pedagogically designed to deliver effective learning in a digital environment.
As MIE Experts, educators build their capacity for using technology in both the classroom and curriculum to improve student learning, advise Microsoft and educational institutions on how to integrate technology in pedagogically sound ways, and act as advocates at conferences and training events for how Microsoft technology can improve learning.
My position is that a science-based and pedagogically adjusted sexual education, which would be integrated across the whole range of the curriculum, even from pre-school age, serves and safeguards the child's interests," Koursoumba said, adding that the exemption of any child from sexual education programs due to parental interventions would be contrary to the child's interests.
We are proud to literally be the pioneers in having established "Africana" as a concept and remain actively involved in advancing its development theoretically and pedagogically toward yet new directions and new horizons.
Speaking at the dictionary launch on Wednesday, Higher Education, Trade and Professional Learning, OUP India, business head, Paras Bansal said, "The development of the pedagogically advanced English-English Assamese Dictionary is a significant milestone for OUP's professional learning programme - this launch gives us extended reach into the vital Assamese market which has a large young population desirous of improving their proficiency in the English language, for both personal and professional development.
Synopsis: The collaborative work of Duanduan Li (Associate Professor of Chinese Applied Linguistics at the University of British Columbia) and Irene Liu (who was the Director of the Chinese Language Program in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Columbia University, New York for ten years), "Reading into a New China" is now in an updated and revised second edition and a the first volume of a pedagogically innovative two-volume course specifically designed to build advanced level reading and writing proficiency through deep comprehension of China's rich and rapidly changing social and cultural landscape.
With BigSky powered by Brightspace, BigSky Benilde aims to provide Benildeans access to research-driven and pedagogically sound learning anytime, anywhere.
Each chapter sets out one or more activities that are pedagogically sound, practical, easily implemented, and effective in helping students learn core topics in statistics and research methods in psychology and the social sciences more broadly.
The most alarming example comes in the summary of Chapter 7 on the written asynchronous environment where they state, "we have a solid body of evidence that supports positive learning outcomes when these are used in pedagogically sound ways.
Some selections may be unknown to younger students given the vintage of their shows of origin but are pedagogically effective for ensemble playing.