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A man who has sexual relations, especially anal intercourse, with a boy.

[Greek paiderastēs : pais, paid-, child; see pedo-2 + erastēs, lover (from erasthai, to love).]

ped′er·as′ty n.


(ˈpɛdəˌræst) or sometimes


a man who practises pederasty


(ˈpɛd əˌræst, ˈpi də-)

a man who engages in pederasty.
[1720–30; < Greek paiderastḗs lover of boys =paid- ped- + erastḗs lover, derivative of erân to love, with -tēs agent suffix]
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Noun1.pederast - a man who has sex (usually sodomy) with a boy as the passive partner
degenerate, deviant, deviate, pervert - a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior


[ˈpedəræst] Npederasta mf


nPäderast m


[ˈpɛdərˌæst] npederasta m
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Harcourt's predilection for young children was tolerated by his circle, who knew he was a pederast, especially his fellow politician, Reginald Brett, 2nd Viscount Esher, one time Secretary to the Board of Works, and supplier to him of young children from Eton.
A pederast and sadist, he took most of us twelve-year-olds to a room
Judge Teague jailed Daly for eight years and added an extended licence of five years, saying: "I have no doubt you are a dangerous pederast.
The word ''pede'' is short for pederast or pedophile, and is commonly used in West Africa to insult gay men.
He is a passive pederast who shaves his eyebrows and imitates the appearance of a woman, even changing the tone of his voice.
22) Others, such as Frances Restuccia, read the scene as an instance of the sadistic infusion of priest, pedagogue, and pederast, with the pandying indicative of the pederast's 'whipping fantasy'.
Mahaffey finds a way for the reader, but not the story's characters, to interpret some of its mysteries; her method also necessitates considerable engagement with "An Encounter," analyzing both priest and pederast as teachers.
The company closed its warehouse and distribution center in Rio Pederast and will concentrate its efforts on sales, administration and customer service, said Francisco Quiroz, Bayer's senior operations manager in Puerto Rico, adding "This decision will allow the company to grow its business and customer base.
For spare cash she routinely pimps him out to a pederast.
The slave master takes a naturally independent man and infantilizes him into dependency; the pederast takes a naturally dependent child and (mis)treats him as a free adult.
Say 'hello' to John Wayne Gacy, businessman, pederast, serial killer and clown.