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1. An architectural support or base, as for a column or statue.
2. A support or foundation.
3. A position of high regard or adoration.
tr.v. ped·es·taled, ped·es·tal·ing, ped·es·tals or ped·es·talled or ped·es·tal·ling
To place on or provide with a pedestal.

[Obsolete French, from Italian piedistallo : piè, foot (from Latin pēs; see pedi-) + di, of (from Latin ; see de-) + stallo, stall (of Germanic origin; see stel- in Indo-European roots).]


having a pedestal
References in classic literature ?
As we drove up to the porticoed front door, I observed in front of it, beside the tennis lawn, the black tool-house and the pedestalled sundial with which we had such strange associations.
Pedestalled and in bronze she might have stood with the noblest of her heroic sisters as "Liver-and-Bacon Enlivening the World.