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Noun1.pediculicide - a chemical agent that kills lice
pesticide - a chemical used to kill pests (as rodents or insects)
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The convenience and availability of over-the-counter pediculicide products to consumers make clinician management by moderation and selectivity very difficult.
The pediculicide is not absorbed systemically, so it is compatible with pregnancy.
PRACTICE CHANGER: Consider prescribing spinosad--a recently approved topical pediculicide that is more effective than permethrin and eliminates the need for nit combing--for children with head lice.
An example is the re-launch of Lice Cure, an all-natural lice-removal product that is safe, nontoxic and clinically proven to be nearly twice as effective as a leading pediculicide.
Probably the least-toxic lice killer, or pediculicide, is 1% permethrin, available over the counter as many branded products, such as Nix.
Treating the person and other family members with head lice with a pediculicide to kill the lice.
The Random House College Dictionary defines DDT as an insecticide, a scabicide, and a pediculicide and says that it's also called by a 31-letter word.
This was the same kill rate seen among the 20 patients who had applied RID shampoo, a pyrethrin-piper-onyl-butoxide pediculicide.
Company officials say that previously the only treatment to control lice has been to soak the child's head with a pediculicide containing a toxic insect-killing chemical like malathion, lindane, permethrin or pyrethrins.
A commercially-available pediculicide shampoo, Rid (Bayer), had been tried previously without success, and the mother complained of its irritating effects on the scalp and drying effects on the hair.
The proper treatment process includes use of a pediculicide, nit removal, and cleaning the environment.
Additionally, a 1% permethrin or pyrethrin lice shampoo, (also called pediculicide peh-DICK-you-luh-side), may be applied to the body.