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ped·o·gen·e·sis 1

The process of soil formation.

pe·do·gen·e·sis 2


pe′do·ge·net′ic (-jə-nĕt′ĭk) adj.


n, pl -ses (-siːz)
(Geological Science) the formation or evolution of soil
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Finally, knowledge of iron and sulfur reactions in soils enhances understanding of pedogenesis in CASS environments.
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for comparison with agricultural or anthropogenic soils of similar texture and mineralogy, or for comparison with other native soils of different texture, mineralogy or pedogenesis in the region (e.
The availability and distribution of such particles within the subsurface environment has a great influence on the physicochemical behaviour of soils and has many consequences in terms of pedogenesis (Walker and Chittleborough 1986; Ranville et al.
The losses of these natural capital stocks and soil function take a long time to recover through pedogenesis.
Soil magnetite is often inherited from parent rocks or from their sediments, whereas maghemite is commonly formed during pedogenesis.
The objectives of this study are to present physical, chemical, mineralogical and morphological data for representative hypersaline tidal flat soils (along with the adjacent coastal compartments--coastal tablelands and mangroves) in a semiarid estuary of the State of Ceara, to discuss the factors and processes that govern pedogenesis in apicum environments and to classify the soils according to the Soil Taxonomy system (Soil Survey Staff 2010).
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The iron oxide concentration in the microaggregates is somewhat variable, possibly indicating a more complex pedogenesis than for the Kandiustox.