(ˈpiːlɪˈwælɪ) ,




slang Scot off colour; pale and ill-looking: he's a wee bit peely-wally this morning.
[apparently a reduplicated form of wally2 in the sense: faded]
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I also had short hair, peely-wally skin and Scots accent that could've seen me mistaken for an off-duty British Army recruit.
Jean, 77, said: "It takes 20 minutes to make peely-wally toast, which is hard as a brick.
But it's also that time of year when we suddenly realise how peely-wally we look compared to our European neighbours.
It was all thanks to TV show This Morning, who decided to put a smile on some peely-wally faces by bringing a bit of ( fake) sun to the Granite City.
The colour seems to go with my peely-wally skin and in terms of casting, in seems to work.
Despite the skin tone of the average peely-wally Scot, thousands of beauty experts from across the UK, Europe and America are due in Edinburgh next month to learn about the latest bronzing techniques.
Thankfully these little beauties, like us Scots on the summer beaches of Spain, arrived stripped, plump and peely-wally white.
Fearing his peely-wally Scottish bod wouldn't be up to the job, the 22-year-old star has been hitting the gym and reckons he's developing a bit of a six-pack.
He spends his life zipping around the world showing women how to make their eyes pop and cheekbones zing - but today his challenge is to turn a peely-wally Scot into a bronze goddess.
This highlighting glimmer lotion will take you from peely-wally to perfect and pearly.
Unfortunately, he gets inked on his backside which leads to one of the most shocking sights ever seen in Albert Square when he bares his peely-wally rear end to viewers.