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 (pān-wär′, pĕn-)
A woman's loose-fitting dressing gown.

[French, from Old French peignouer, linen covering used while combing oneself, from peigner, to comb the hair, from Latin pectināre, from pecten, pectin-, comb.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a woman's dressing gown or negligee
[C19: from French, from peigner to comb, since the garment was worn while the hair was combed]


(peɪnˈwɑr, pɛn-, ˈpeɪn wɑr, ˈpɛn-)

a woman's loose dressing gown.
[1825–35; < French: literally, comber, i.e., something worn while one's hair is being combed =peign(er) to comb (< Late Latin pectināre; see pecten) + -oir < Latin -ōrium -ory1]
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Noun1.peignoir - a loose dressing gown for womenpeignoir - a loose dressing gown for women  
brunch coat - a woman's short housecoat or wrapper
camisole - a short negligee
woman's clothing - clothing that is designed for women to wear


[ˈpeɪnwɑːʳ] Nbata f (de señora), peinador m


nNegligée nt, → Negligee nt
References in classic literature ?
She began to cry a little, and wiped her eyes on the sleeve of her peignoir.
Pontellier's eyes that the damp sleeve of her peignoir no longer served to dry them.
She wore a rich peignoir, and her blond hair was half covered by a lace cap: in her attire she was, as always, an elegant woman, fit to figure in a picture of modern aristocratic life: but I asked myself how that face of hers could ever have seemed to me the face of a woman born of woman, with memories of childhood, capable of pain, needing to be fondled?
But there are plenty of thuds, too, like Katherine's postcoital reveries: "Complacencies of the peignoir, or power shower: which word cluster would get her?
The corset under a peignoir ''is something French women did not do,'' she said.
While Bride and Owl brings to mind the refined influence of Manet's Young Lady in 1866 (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)--a titillating allegory of the senses displaying model Victorine Meurent, along with a parrot, in her fashionably soft pink and orange peignoir, Hartigan exchanges the peignoir's grace and fullness for her own bride's starkly compressed, angular sections; with the inclusion of an owl, symbol of solitude, darkness, or betrayal, Hartigan proposes a somber bridal companion (41)
aircraft in WWII) were compared to roles implied by Mimi Smith's 1966 Steel Wool Peignoir (sheer pink with lace, thickly trimmed in steel wool; see http://spencerart.
I found her dressed in a sort of enormous red peignoir, her arms bare, and already fully coiffed.
The Indifferent Lover marked Demy's first collaboration with two crew members--production designer Bernard Evein and costumier Jacqueline Moreau--who would be indispensable in carrying out many of his Kool-Aid-colored mise-en-scenes, here evident in cherry-red walls and the spurned chanteuse's emerald-green peignoir.
Emile Zola wrote, sardonically, of another Clarin, a portrait of Bernhardt in one of her signature roles, Le Dame Aux Camelias: "I know that Mile Sarah Bernhardt passes for the thinnest person in France, but that is no reason to drape her on a settee so that there's no body under her peignoir.
FROM LEFT: Felted wool-silk peignoir coat, suede shorts, suedde greige small boots, and mud-silk low decollete overalls, all THIMISTER.
For men, it was a luxurious full-skirted silk coat and for women, it was the diaphonous, floating Peignoir or robe Volante.