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Sedimentary rock composed of fine fragments, as of clay or mud.

[Greek pēlos, clay + -ite.]

pe·lit′ic (pĭ-lĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Minerals) any argillaceous rock such as shale
[C19: from Greek pēlos mud]
pelitic adj
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Emma Tonegato, Sharni Williams and Player of the Tournament Evania Pelite had Australia three tries up before half-time, only the last of which was successfully converted by Emma Sykes to make it 17-0 at the interval.
The Digdeguash-Flume Ridge transition on the eastern flank of the Fredericton trough is marked by four significant changes: a rapid shift from non-calcareous to at least slightly calcareous sandstone; a decrease in grain size of the coarsest beds from granules and coarse sand to fine sand and silt; a sharp decrease in the amount of pelite (aluminous slate in D and E horizons of Digdeguash Bouma sequences is replaced by quartzofeldspathic siltstone in the Flume Ridge); and an increase in clast maturity of the coarse fraction, with typical sand-to granule-sized lithic fragments in the Digdeguash mostly giving way to monomineralic quartz and feldspar grains in the Flume Ridge.
Woodman was yellow carded on the stroke of half-time and Australia immediately capitalised, Evania Pelite sprinting down the left flank to take her side into a 10-5 lead.
According to Foster and Dutrow (2010), the nucleation of staurolite is controlled by two fundamental reactions: the stable reaction garnet + chlorite + muscovite = staurolite + biotite in regions that have equilibrated with garnet, and the metastable reaction chlorite + muscovite = staurolite + biotite in regions that have not equilibrated with garnet, and at 4 kbar, this reaction is overstepped first about 10 [degrees]C below the stable reaction for a typical pelite composition, suggesting the metastable reaction may be an important control on staurolite nucleation and growth in these environments.
A single high-quality study of TTAs reported that Pelite liners were preferred by the majority of users and were associated with improved ambulatory activity and wearing time compared with Alpha liners with pin locking mechanisms [38].
lower limb prosthesis transtibial modular socket resin and carbon fiber, interface pelite, duraluminio leg, foot articulated, belt restraint system.
Monazite from three kyanite- grade pelites and one garnet-grade pelite are 20 to 16 Ma-similar to the youngest monazite from Mabja.
Les locaux de ces associations constituent done un autre type d'espace reserve dans lequel Pelite anglo-montrealaise peut s'adonner a Pactivite dansante de fagon aussi exclusive que dans une maison privee.
Two sub-parallel veins (10 and 25 mm thick) of white to pinkish coarse-grained carbonate in light-grey pelite.
Our 4T plaice samples were collected at relatively uniform depths (43-88 m), and the substrates in both sampling areas ranged from sandy pelite to sandy gravel and had outcroppings of sandstone bedrock (see Loring and Nota (3)).
Cette annee, la petite fille a ete au centre des preoccupations, le theme etant <<L'elimination de toutes les formes de disctiminalion contre la pelite fllle>>.
11) Dewe Gorode, Ute Murunu pelite fleur de cocotier (Noumea : Gram de Sable, 1994), p.