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Sedimentary rock composed of fine fragments, as of clay or mud.

[Greek pēlos, clay + -ite.]

pe·lit′ic (pĭ-lĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Minerals) any argillaceous rock such as shale
[C19: from Greek pēlos mud]
pelitic adj
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Relationships of these sandstones to the Aroostook-Matapedia sequence between Houlton and Danforth have been poorly understood but a gradational contact with underlying Smyrna Mills pelites has been observed in several places in the study area (Hopeck 2013; Ludman 2013).
It is formed by thick alternations of quartzose conglomerates and subordinated quartzarenites, passing in the upper ten metres of the section to dark pelites.
We used laser-ablation split-stream (LASS) ICP mass spectrometry to measure U/Th-Pb ages and compositions of monazite from garnet + aluminumsilicate +- staurolite pelites in the Kangmar and Mabja domes.
The bluish clay corresponds to the type 2 (relict) pelites of Loring and Nota (1973) and to the blue-grey (layer 3) pelites of D'Anglejan and Brisebois (1978).
Turonian pelites are covered by sand rock debris and they are affected by old slope deformations, too.
In the units Gollon, Lavador, schists of Maranon Complex and slaty pelites (Contaya Formation) are found seams of quartz with Au contents.
The Colombacci Formation (Uppermost Miocene), consisting of marly claystones, siltstones, sandstones, multicolored pelites and marly limestones, overlies the Gressoso-Solfifera Formation (Upper Miocene), which contains the Perticara sulfur orebody (Conti, 1989).
Bioclasts, voids, and pelites intraclasts are absent as is any layering.
It is characterised by the presence of quartz and tourmaline veins containing a considerable quantity of tin in Namurian sandstone and pelites.
The underlying beds are classified into manganiferous pelites, manganese dioxide, and siltites.