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1. Jai alai.
2. The ball used in jai alai.

[Spanish, from Old French pelote, pellet; see pellet.]


(Individual Sports, other than specified) any of various games played in Spain, Spanish America, SW France, etc, by two players who use a basket strapped to their wrists or a wooden racket to propel a ball against a specially marked wall
[C19: from Spanish: ball, from Old French pelote; see pellet]


(pəˈloʊ tə)

n., pl. -tas.
1. a game from which jai alai was developed.
2. the game of jai alai.
3. the ball used in pelota and jai alai.
[1890–95; < Sp: ball < Middle French pelote; see pellet]
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Noun1.pelota - a Basque or Spanish game played in a court with a ball and a wickerwork racketpelota - a Basque or Spanish game played in a court with a ball and a wickerwork racket
court game - an athletic game played on a court


A. Npelota f (vasca)
B. CPD pelota player Npelotari mf
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The kids can get involved in breaking a pinata, try their hand at loteria (bingo) or Juego de Pelota, a ball game played without using your hands or feet.
It was in 1859 that Harry Gem, clerk to the Birmingham Magistrates, and his friend Augurio Perera, a Spanish merchant, combined elements of racquets and the Basque ball game pelota on the lawn of Perera's home Edgbaston.
Antes de la implantacion quirurgica del acceso vascular, todos los pacientes realizaron ejercicios mediante una pelota de consistencia suave.
fr/en Like every Basque town, Sare has a fronton - a high open-air wall for a fast ball game called pelota.
Bidart is also host to regular games of the fast and furious Basque sport pelota near the main square.
Well respected Spanish journalist Juan Gato, who works for Punto Pelota, yesterday sensationally claimed that Atletico boss Diego Simeone had agreed a deal in principle to sign the coveted German.
Table 1 Accepted species (bold Roman type) of Solanum section Pelota with our decisions on synonyms (indented italic text) that were accepted by Hawkes (1990) or subsequent authors, with three-letter standard abbreviations, countries of occurrence, ploidy (and EBN), and nuclear-marker-based cladistic relationships as explained in the text.
He follows the conchero traditions but has added many "Mexica" elements, including a focus on rhythmic instruments, dramatic face paint, and the revival of the pelota.
com/noticias-/punto-pelota/pipi-estrada-vadillo-tiene-pie-y-medio-arsenal-20131127) Punto Pelota recently claimed that the Betis winger is in advanced talks with Arsenal and he will join the Gunners in the next transfer window.
Perhaps it is down to the fact the famous All England Club in Wimbledon is seen as the spiritual home of lawn tennis but the sport (originally called pelota and later lawn racquets) was first played in an Edgbaston garden in 1859 and Mr Gem went on to co-found the first club in Leamington Spa in 1872.
I can't speak as Chelsea's coach because I am not it yet," Mourinho told Spanish television program Punto Pelota.