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also pem·i·can  (pĕm′ĭ-kən)
1. A food prepared by Native Americans from lean dried strips of meat pounded into paste, mixed with fat and berries, and pressed into small cakes.
2. A food made chiefly from beef, dried fruit, and suet, used as emergency rations.

[Cree pimihkān, from pimihkēw, he makes grease, makes pemmican, from Proto-Algonquian *pemihkēwa : *pemyi, grease + *-ehkē-, to make, gather.]


(ˈpɛmɪkən) or


(Cookery) a small pressed cake of shredded dried meat, pounded into paste with fat and berries or dried fruits, used originally by American Indians and now chiefly for emergency rations
[C19: from Cree pimikân, from pimii fat, grease]


or pem•i•can

(ˈpɛm ɪ kən)

dried meat pounded into a powder and mixed with fat and dried berries: a traditional food of American Indians in parts of Canada and the U.S.
[1735–45; < Cree pimihka·n, derivative of pimihke·w he makes pemmican (mixing together the grease and other ingredients), he makes grease < Proto-Algonquian *pemihke·wa=*pemy- grease + *-ehke· make]
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Noun1.pemmican - lean dried meat pounded fine and mixed with melted fatpemmican - lean dried meat pounded fine and mixed with melted fat; used especially by North American Indians
meat - the flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as food
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He at the same time carefully weighed his stores of provision, which consisted of tea, coffee, biscuit, salted meat, and pemmican, a preparation which comprises many nutritive elements in a small space.
16 Cases Hams 25 Spring Mattresses 2 Barrels Flour 2 Hair ditto 22 Barrels Whiskey Bedding for same 1 Barrel Sugar 2 Mosquito-nets 1 Keg Lemons 29 Tents 2,000 Cigars Scientific Instruments 1 Barrel Pies 97 Ice-axes 1 Ton of Pemmican 5 Cases Dynamite 143 Pair Crutches 7 Cans Nitroglycerin 2 Barrels Arnica 22 40-foot Ladders 1 Bale of Lint 2 Miles of Rope 27 Kegs Paregoric 154 Umbrellas
In 2016, Brian Castner, writer and certified river guide, took the same trip with a GPS, paper topographical maps, one fellow paddler for each stretch of his 1,125-mile journey--and plenty of pemmican.
Chow down on some traditional dishes like sweet potato soup, pemmican and prairie turnips, fish and cattails, and tanshpashofa while listening to classic hymns and songs by famous Native American musicians like Annie Humphrey, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Shelley Morningsong and Steven Rushingwind.
We used to rejoice in curried pemmican, rubber boo, and rushou pemmican stewed in onions, then pemmican piet.
Each sledge was packed with ration boxes containing New Zealand butter, sugar, packets of biscuits (which could only be broken with a mallet), tins of pea flour, dried onions, oats, a tin of fat bacon, tea, cocoa and milk powder, thick tiles of pemmican and bars of milk chocolate; LEFT: 'Meltville' was the team's insecure summer hamlet of two pyramid tents and a large mess tent fashioned out of parachutes
Right: This is one of my favorites, showing women sitting around a pile of dried meat on a piece of canvas, pounding the meat probably to make pemmican.
As Randal Mcllroy, editor-in-chief of Pemmican Publications of Winnipeg says, "The image I like to use is one of windows and mirrors.
Within the remaining footprint of the old fort, interpretive components evoking its form and functions have been installed, such as the low limestone walls (plinth) of the 1853 Governor's House, the General Depot from 1860, the 1848 Pemmican Store, the Fur Storage depot, as well as spatial evocations of the kitchen gardens and the stone wall formerly enclosing the military compound.
The recipes in this collection include: Clover Tea, Pemmican, Spiced Winter Squash Butter, Sauteed Native Squash & Potatoes, Cherokee Succotash, Cherokee Fried Hominy, Dandelion Greens, Easy Corn Pudding, Winter Squash Soup, Three Sisters Stew, Apache Acorn Soup, Black Bean Soup, Seminole Pumpkin Soup, Indian Spice Cake, Native American Cinnamon Wild Rice Pudding, Rhubarb Pie, Cherokee Huckleberry Bread, Frying Pan (Blue) Bread, Rabbit Soup, Cured Venison, Buffalo Stew, Baked Quail With Mushrooms, Baked Trout, Bison Chili, Maple Salmon, Native Skillet Chicken and many, many more.
Little Chief and Mighty Gopher: The Pemmican Frenzy has won "Alberta Children's and Young Adult Book of the Year 2011.