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also pem·i·can  (pĕm′ĭ-kən)
1. A food prepared by Native Americans from lean dried strips of meat pounded into paste, mixed with fat and berries, and pressed into small cakes.
2. A food made chiefly from beef, dried fruit, and suet, used as emergency rations.

[Cree pimihkān, from pimihkēw, he makes grease, makes pemmican, from Proto-Algonquian *pemihkēwa : *pemyi, grease + *-ehkē-, to make, gather.]


(ˈpɛmɪkən) or


(Cookery) a small pressed cake of shredded dried meat, pounded into paste with fat and berries or dried fruits, used originally by American Indians and now chiefly for emergency rations
[C19: from Cree pimikân, from pimii fat, grease]


or pem•i•can

(ˈpɛm ɪ kən)

dried meat pounded into a powder and mixed with fat and dried berries: a traditional food of American Indians in parts of Canada and the U.S.
[1735–45; < Cree pimihka·n, derivative of pimihke·w he makes pemmican (mixing together the grease and other ingredients), he makes grease < Proto-Algonquian *pemihke·wa=*pemy- grease + *-ehke· make]
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Noun1.pemmican - lean dried meat pounded fine and mixed with melted fatpemmican - lean dried meat pounded fine and mixed with melted fat; used especially by North American Indians
meat - the flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as food
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He at the same time carefully weighed his stores of provision, which consisted of tea, coffee, biscuit, salted meat, and pemmican, a preparation which comprises many nutritive elements in a small space.
Approximately four times as much fresh meat was required for every pound of pemmican produced.
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Little Chief and Mighty Gopher: The Pemmican Frenzy has won "Alberta Children's and Young Adult Book of the Year 2011.
But they were taking in just 4,400 calories through biscuits, fat-and-protein mix pemmican, butter, sugar, chocolate, cereals, raisins and some pony meat.
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The first event is in New York (September 6, featuring Argentine ostrich and pemmican pudding, consumed by Ernest Shackleton's party, paired with Red Creek wines), followed by events in Chicago (October 11) and San Francisco (November 8).
Mr Dickinson, who in 2006 was the first British adventurer to conquer Greenland, Antarctica and the North Pole unsupported, said: "Each sleigh will weigh 100 kilos and we will be taking all our food with us, which includes pemmican - an adapted dog food recipe - and chocolate chips.
ConAgra will keep its Hebrew National brand and products, Brown 'N Serve frozen sausage, as well as its Slim Jim and Pemmican meat snacks.