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also pen·sil  (pĕn′səl)
A narrow flag, streamer, or pennon, especially one carried at the top of a lance or spear.

[Middle English, from Old French penoncel, diminutive of penon, pennon; see pennon.]


(ˈpɛnsəl) ,




(Heraldry) a small pennon, originally one carried by a knight's squire
[C13: via Anglo-French from Old French penoncel a little pennon]


(ˈpɛn səl)

a small pennon, as at the head of a lance.
[1225–75; Middle English < Anglo-French, syncopated variant of penoncel, diminutive of penon pennon]
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2 Match Box Small (50Sticks in each box) 3 Drawing/Poster Pins (Pkt of 75 pins) 4 Carbon Papers (210x310mm: 100sheets/Pkt 5 Glue Stick non toxic (15 gm) of reputed brand 6 Stamp Pad - Purple (110x 70mm) 7 A-4 Sheets Papers 75 gsm (per Rim 500 sheets) of reputed brand 8 HB (ordinary) pencel of reputed brand (pkt of 10 Pencils) 9 Sealing Wax (400gms, 10 stick/Pkt) 10 Metal Rule 6" 11 Blades (5 PCS/Pkt) 12 Rubber Band (No.
Pencel Corporation today announces it now provides a free trial copy of Bachmann Software's PrintBoy(TM) Software Developers Kit (SDK) with its visual application workshop.
We are delighted that Pencel is encouraging application developers to use the PrintBoy SDK and provide end users with the best possible means of printing database records and reports from Palm Powered handhelds.
Pencel Corporation develops software applications and tools for mobile enterprise applications.
Pencel Corporation today announces the release of Kinectivity 2.
The initial objective for Kinectivity was to provide a single environment to define and deploy sophisticated mobile applications that integrate with enterprise data systems," says Chris Maloney, Pencel Corporation's president and CEO.
The need for remote interaction with project data is especially crucial in industries such as construction, where timely and well-informed decisions can have significant impact on the success of a project," said Dana Book, Pencel Corporation's vice president of business development.
Through a mobile database platform, a visual application development tool and professional services, Pencel is targeting enterprises that have mobile business operations by rapidly connecting those mobile workers to corporate data resources.
Pencel Corporation, developer of mobile enterprise software and database application tools, announces the addition of Roger Sippl, founder of Informix, to its Advisory Board.
We are proud to have Roger join our Advisory Board," said Chris Maloney, President & CEO, Pencel Corporation.
The addition of Sippl to the Pencel team enhances their existing expertise in relational database management systems, fourth-generation programming languages and visual development tools.