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1. A narrow, generally cylindrical implement for writing, drawing, or marking, consisting of a thin rod of graphite, colored wax, or similar substance encased in wood or held in a mechanical holder.
2. Something shaped or used like a pencil, especially a narrow medicated or cosmetic stick: an eyebrow pencil.
a. A style or technique in drawing or delineating.
b. Descriptive skill: "His characters are drawn with a strong pencil" (Henry Hallam).
c. An artist's brush, especially a fine one.
4. Physics A beam of radiant energy in the form of a narrow cone or cylinder.
5. Mathematics A family of geometric objects, such as lines, that have a common property, such as passage through a given line in a given plane.
tr.v. pen·ciled, pen·cil·ing, pen·cils also pen·cilled or pen·cil·ling
1. To write or produce by using a pencil.
2. To mark or color with or as if with a pencil.
Phrasal Verbs:
pencil in
1. To schedule tentatively: penciled in a staff meeting for 3:00.
2. To schedule a tentative appointment with: penciled him in for lunch next Monday.
pencil out
1. To calculate or estimate (projected profits and losses or other figures): penciled out the likely sales for the new product.
2. To appear likely to be of sufficient benefit to justify the projected costs: rejected the proposed merger because it failed to pencil out.

[Middle English pencel, artist's brush, from Old French pincel, peincel, from Vulgar Latin *pēnicellus, alteration of Latin pēnicillus, diminutive of pēniculus; see pes- in Indo-European rootsdiminutive of pēnis, tail, brush; see pes- in Indo-European roots.]

pen′cil·er, pen′cil·ler n.
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Adj.1.penciled - drawn or written with a pencil; "a penciled sketch"; "the penciled message"
References in classic literature ?
Bean, one of the Americans, was found a note-book in which had been penciled some sentences which admit us, in flesh and spirit, as it were, to the presence of these men during their last hours of life, and to the grisly horrors which their fading vision looked upon and their failing consciousness took cognizance of:
His features were so entirely destitute of expression that I could not help saying to myself--helplessly, as if in the clutches of a night-mare-- "they are only penciled in: no final touches as yet
From her soft, thick brown hair done up cleverly in the latest mode and her narrow eyebrows arched, oh, so carefully, and penciled with such skill, to that same trim provocative pump and disconcerting flash of silk-clad ankle, Rose had dash.