pendulum clock

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Noun1.pendulum clock - a clock regulated by a pendulumpendulum clock - a clock regulated by a pendulum  
clock - a timepiece that shows the time of day
grandfather clock, longcase clock - a pendulum clock enclosed in a tall narrow case
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The trick with a pendulum clock is to get them level - just a fraction out and they stop after a few hours.
Dog slate board, PS8; pendulum clock, PS10; wooden lantern, PS5; boxed frames, from PS2.
Dog slate board, pendulum clock, wooden lantern, boxed frames, cream chalkboard, willow-lined basket, Oxford solid oak sideboard, knitted throw, cream heart drawers, all George Home at Asda
3 Inventions The microscope, telescope, pendulum clock and the mercury thermometer are all 16th or 17th century Dutch inventions.
The 448-lot auction features several unique items headlined by a rare 19th/20th Century Chinese Qing Dynasty Imperial Pendulum Clock at Lot 442.
Musclebound rival suitor Gaston (Richard White) leads the torch-wielding villagers against the Beast but the rabble meets its match in the enchanted servants led by tightly wound pendulum clock Cogsworth (David Ogden Stiers) and flirtatious candlestick Lumiere (Jerry Orbach).
He begins with the inventions of double-entry accounting (1300 to 1400 AD) and the printing press (1440); extends through the flush toilet (1596), pendulum clock (1656) and bicycle (1787 to 1863); all the way through the World Wide Web (1989 to 1992) and gamma ray bursts (1997).
The bend in the pendulum clock around the hand section is situated around iota, eta and zeta Horologii.
Take a watch from the Grande PrE[umlaut]cision, look at the regulator dial of the Erwin Sattler Precision Pendulum clock and set hour, minute and second hands of the watch to the second.
Even though I have one decorator pendulum clock that I never reset because it's too difficult, it's not like we can shut our eyes to DST by closing so many window blinds and not resetting our clocks -- although it's tempting, seeing how hard it is to remember which buttons to punch in which order.