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Capable of being penetrated: penetrable defenses; a penetrable wall.

pen′e·tra·bil′i·ty n.
pen′e·tra·bly adv.


(ˈpɛn ɪ trə bəl)

capable of being penetrated.
[1375–1425; < Latin]
pen`e•tra•bil′i•ty, n.
pen′e•tra•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.penetrable - admitting of penetration or passage into or through; "a penetrable wall"; "penetrable defenses"
impenetrable - not admitting of penetration or passage into or through; "an impenetrable fortress"; "impenetrable rain forests"
2.penetrable - capable of being penetrated; "penetrable defenses"
vulnerable - susceptible to attack; "a vulnerable bridge"


[ˈpenɪtrəbl] ADJpenetrable


adjzu durchdringen; the barely penetrable jungleder fast undurchdringliche Dschungel


[ˈpɛnɪtrəbl] adjpenetrabile
References in classic literature ?
The moon made the night extraordinarily penetrable and showed me on the lawn a person, diminished by distance, who stood there motionless and as if fascinated, looking up to where I had appeared--looking, that is, not so much straight at me as at something that was apparently above me.
You will see that the mysteries which the police discover are, almost without exception, mysteries made penetrable by the commonest capacity, through the extraordinary stupidity exhibited in the means taken to hide the crime.
Now, the clay is easily penetrable, and the original hole probably pierced a bed of china clay.
Above the dark and often scarcely penetrable woods upon their flanks, the high, bare crowns of the mountains, white snow, and jagged rock towered upon each flank, leaving a long, winding, tortuous valley in the centre.
The crew were beginning to fail in provisions, and it is not probable that, without the aid of this man, they would ever have extricated themselves from these scarcely penetrable woods.
If Young John had ever slackened in his truth in the less penetrable days of his boyhood, when youth is prone to wear its boots unlaced and is happily unconscious of digestive organs, he had soon strung it up again and screwed it tight.
The river-side bushes were certainly very thick; but the undergrowth behind was evidently penetrable.
In reality," replied the latter, who, with his aristocratic glance and his knowledge of the world, had penetrated at once all that was penetrable in Monte Cristo, "Albert has not deceived us, for the count is a most singular being.
a disposition" afforded her a great deal of pleasant conjecture, and she was quite lost in the "thick grove penetrable by no star," when Tom called out,--
Alternately bouncing light off shiny, uneven surfaces and radiating it from within, the "Overlight" paintings appear paradoxically solid and penetrable.
Contrary to the dominant narrative adopted by Western media that often characterizes the area as an inaccessible, unwelcoming place, travelers are sure to have their expectations exceeded when they discover that the West Bank is actually an inviting, penetrable place, where this rewarding spirituality makes itself wholly available to all who simply make the effort to knock.
Contract award: Performance of construction and construction works the for making special protection balcony and roof terrace penetrable object of Government of the Republic of Macedonia.