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1. Tending to penetrate; penetrant.
2. Displaying keen insight; acute.


(ˈpɛn ɪˌtreɪ tɪv)

1. tending to penetrate; piercing.
2. acute; keen.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Medieval Latin penetrātīvus. See penetrate, -ive]
pen′e•tra`tive•ly, adv.
pen′e•tra`tive•ness, n.
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Adj.1.penetrative - having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctionspenetrative - having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions; "an acute observer of politics and politicians"; "incisive comments"; "icy knifelike reasoning"; "as sharp and incisive as the stroke of a fang"; "penetrating insight"; "frequent penetrative observations"
perceptive - having the ability to perceive or understand; keen in discernment; "a perceptive eye"; "a perceptive observation"
2.penetrative - tending to penetrate; having the power of entering or piercing; "a toxic penetrative spray applied to the surface"; "a cold penetrating wind"; "a penetrating odor"
sharp - having or made by a thin edge or sharp point; suitable for cutting or piercing; "a sharp knife"; "a pencil with a sharp point"


A. ADJpenetrante
B. CPD penetrative sex Nrelaciones fpl sexuales con penetración


penetrative sexpenetrativer Sex
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If, then, the penetrative power of telescopes has not been further increased, it is because that power detracts from their light; and the moon, which is but a reflecting mirror, does not give back sufficient light to enable us to perceive objects of lesser magnitude.
Very soon, however, his look became keen and penetrative.
Her penetrative virginity exalted and disguised his own emotions, elevating his thoughts to a star-cool chastity, and he would have been startled to learn that there was that shining out of his eyes, like warm waves, that flowed through her and kindled a kindred warmth.
Magistrates were told the devices contained 506 indecent images of children, including 94 cate-gory A pictures - the most serious kind involving penetrative sexual activity - portraying girls as young as seven.
Iain Jordan, prosecuting at North Tyneside Magistrates' Court, said that, because one of the charges related to category A images - the most serious kind involving penetrative sexual activity - the case should be sent to the crown court.
These are said to have included 32 images classed as category A, the highest category involving penetrative sexual activity.
Dear Coleen I'VE been with my partner for about nine months now and every orgasm I've had through penetrative sex has been faked.
From your letter, it sounds as if you can orgasm, but just not through penetrative sex, which is actually incredibly common.
Tenders are invited for Carbon Cleaner, Foam Gel Type Heavy Duty, Thick Film Penetrative Bonded Deposit Remover For Thick Layers, User Friendly, Non-Caustic, Non-Acidic, In Minimum Of 250 Ml Or Maximum Of 1000 Ml Can Aerosol.
Hannah, from Acocks Green, was jailed for seven years after being convicted of three counts of penetrative sexual activity with a child and one count of causing/ inciting involvement in pornography.
Geoffrey Bowyer told police he thought downloading the pictures - one of a penetrative sex act on a toddler - was not illegal.
Cancer patient Geoffrey Bowyer - who had a picture of a penetrative sex act with a toddler - told police he did not think what he had done was illegal.