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He candidly admits the plea for a penfriend was a spoof because he believed our posts on the page were "fake news".
Barry Middleton of Slaithwaite, with Katy McDonald, his American penfriend of 64 years 250617ESLAITHWAITESIMON MORLEY
This morning when I opened my emails here was a letter from my penfriend Pat.
COULD you please help me to find my former penfriend Rosemary Matthews?
O'Dell wrote: "Biker Bloke - 45, stocky build, serving life in prison, looking for penfriend, interests are live music, camping & rallies.
I am trying to locate a penfriend I had in grammar school, around the years between 1970-1978.
My husband was my penfriend for 18 months before we met.
My mate Sue didn't fare as well as she and her penfriend didn't hit it off and she was homesick.
Developed by a UK firm together with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), the PenFriend uses minute barcodes which - when scanned by a digital pen - trigger MP3 files recorded on the unit, reports The BBC.
I would also like the penfriend to come from a Christian atmosphere, as I am very much involved with the Nurses' Christian Fellowship International and also with Christian organisations in my own country.
Written by London resident Faiz Kermani, My Alien Penfriend is a novel for young adult readers about two children living on opposite sides of the galaxy--one earthling, one extraterrestrial--who communicate and forge a strong friendship.