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n, pl -gös
(Currencies) (formerly) the standard monetary unit of Hungary, replaced by the forint in 1946
[from Hungarian, from pengeni to sound]
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Noun1.pengö - formerly the basic unit of money in Hungary until it was replaced by the forint in 1946pengo - formerly the basic unit of money in Hungary until it was replaced by the forint in 1946
Hungarian monetary unit - monetary unit in Hungary
2.Pengo - a Dravidian language spoken in south central India
South-Central Dravidian - a Dravidian language spoken primarily in south central India
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IES has seven operating units, including Paladin Attachments, Genesis, Pengo, Jewell and CWS, all of whom are leading manufacturers of engineered attachment tools for operator driven equipment; and Siac do Brasil, the leading supplier of heavy equipment cab enclosures and locomotive sub-assemblies in the South American market, and Crenlo.
Note remainder of DEDR 1906: Pengo kuli 'paddy [rice in field, unhusked rice]', etc.
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Next to him lie sepatukng manji, sepatukng silih, and branches from three plants: pis a, pengo and paku parapm.
Drilling Grade Carbide Conical Teeth from STRATA are designed to withstand the toughest drilling conditions and provide the highest return on investment, according to Pengo Sales.
Cardinal Polycarp Pengo of Tanzania struck a similar note.
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Paladin Brands also includes Genesis, Jewell and Pengo.
Vanessa Catalá Casteli, Carolina Catharino Mendonça, Márcio Augusto Leite de Campos, Márcio Ferrari e Sílvia Regina Pengo Machado *
Paladin products are produced under these national brand names: Badger, Bradco, C&P, FFC, Genesis, Harley, JRB, Jewell, McMillen, Pengo, Sweepster and The Major.