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Adj.1.penial - of or relating to the penis; "penile erection"


, penial
a. peneano-a, rel. al pene.


, penial
a. peneano; V.: peneano
___ cancercáncer ___ o del pene.
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Self-adhesive penial self-adhesive non-latex single use
3 Parameral blade oval with inner and outer margins sinuate, apex subround without inner spine and ridge, penial lobes quadrangular, vesica almost equal to penial lobes.
Abbreviations: ag, albumen gland; ds, dart sac; ep, epiphallus; go, genital orifice; mb, mucus bulb; mg, mucus gland; prm, penial retractor muscle; pt, prostate gland; ut, uterus; vd, vas deferens; ve, verge; others as in Table 6.
Kelley (1996), Penial Joseph (2000), Nikhil Pal Singh (2004), and Jacquelyn Dowd Hall (2005) have stressed the historical and political problems associated with collapsing the short Civil Rights Movement (1954-1965)--sometimes called the King Years, the Heroic Years, or the "classical" phase--with the variety and complexity of the Long Civil Rights Movement, a figuration that acknowledges civil rights energies from the New Deal era of the 1930s to the ascendancy of Black Power thinking in the 1970s.
Anti-aging -like objectives, wrinkle decrease, rise in collegen production, deals with penial gland, deals with headaches, deals with depression, Deals with PMJ Disorders (Oral), can treat sinus troubles such as sinus infections, sinus blockage, and more.
Anti-aging -like objectives, crease reduction, increase in collegen manufacturing, deals with penial gland, treats headaches, treats depression, Deals with PMJ Conditions (Dental), could deal with sinus problems such as sinus infections, sinus blockage, and a lot more.
Anti-aging -like purposes, wrinkle reduction, increase in collegen manufacturing, deals with penial gland, deals with headaches, treats depression, Treats PMJ Problems (Oral), could deal with sinus issues such as sinus infections, sinus congestion, and a lot more.
Interespecific variation in penial characters in the genus Ctenomys (Rodentia: Octodontidae).
The present case prepupial sheath was incomplete and hence a reconstructive surgery of penial prepupial sheath was done to cover the exposed dry penis (Finco et al.
Nevertheless, if the wound is deep and its severity is difficult to determine, or if penial rupture occurs, then surgical exploration and repair are required.
Penial duct runs approximately along centre of penis, very narrow, intensely coiled in basal half, somewhat straight in distal half (Fig.
Single penial chaetae at male pores in XI bifid with considerably longer upper tooth.