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Adj.1.penial - of or relating to the penis; "penile erection"


, penial
a. peneano-a, rel. al pene.


, penial
a. peneano; V.: peneano
___ cancercáncer ___ o del pene.
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Treated animals showed a significant response rate resulting in a 188% and 250% increase in penial intra-cavernosal pressure, respectively compared to placebo.
Penial duct runs approximately along centre of penis, very narrow, intensely coiled in basal half, somewhat straight in distal half (Fig.
Single penial chaetae at male pores in XI bifid with considerably longer upper tooth.
Mae'r llwybr yn dilyn ochr y traeth nes cyrraedd y pen draw a phasio Penial Fawr, ac wedyn yn arwain ar draws y penrhyn nes cyrraedd Penial Dowyn.
Mantle heavily mottled, the complex pattern obscuring a dorsal double row of black dashes or spots and one dorsal brown band suggesting the merging of two adjacent bands, as well as one lateral brownish band on each side also obscured by darker mottling; sole of foot not tripartite, foot fringe gray-brown to brown; fresh mucus clear or white or tinted with orange; penis at least slightly sinuate in outline, penial pouch absent; penis retractor notably thickened at junction with penis and vas deferens; vas deferens often markedly wider in diameter than penis at and near their junction; dart sac large.
Penial sheath quite long, about 1/4 total body length; aedeagus short, and apparently bifid apically.
Neighbours said they have not seen her teacher husband Christopher at the house in the quiet village of Penial near Carmarthen for several weeks.
But a neighbour of hers in Penial, near Carmarthen, said: "We used to see him call in after parking round the corner.
Blood 46 (25) 24 (24) 43 (36) 3 (5) Cerebrospinal fluid 5 (3) 0 (0) 4 (3) 1 (2) Eye 2 (1) 5 (5) 1 (1) 1 (2) Lung 18 (10) 12 (12) 14 (12) 3 (5) Lymph node 109 (60) 58 (59) 56 (48) 53 (87) * One additional isolate was recovered from a penial exudate.
This can be diagnosed through the use of Doppler probe evaluation of the penile pulses, penile blood pressure measuring (comparison of penial and brachial blood pressure -- penile-brachial index), and nocturnal erection monitoring.
20 In Tales of Love, Kristeva elaborates: "Phallic power, in the sense of a symbolic power that thwarts the traps of penial performance, would in short begin with an appropriation of archaic maternal power.