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A small flashlight having the size and shape of a fountain pen.


a small thin torch the size and shape of a pen


or pen•lite


a flashlight similar in size and shape to a fountain pen.
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Noun1.penlight - a small flashlight resembling a fountain pen
flashlight, torch - a small portable battery-powered electric lamp
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The handiest of men, Justin repairs Junes broken heel with his ever-present penlight and some Crazy Glue.
When you see movement toward, or achievement of, the actual goal behavior, "mark" that moment with an auditory or visual marker (such as the flash of a penlight or the click of a clicker) and then reward your dog to reinforce the behavior.
I always use a small penlight to aid my vision, so I noticed the case in the middle of the tray was double-charged (13.
The Framework Agreement is for the supply of Batteries and Torches including but not limited to batteries (AA AAA C D AA & AAA high power 9V) and torches (LED penlight torches and LED waterproof rubber torches).
Currently riding in my coat chest pocket is the Brite-Strike EPLI 160-lumen penlight.
125" penlight, made of high-grade aircraft aluminum with a graphite anodized finish.
Equipment used for the tasks included a 2 by 6 by 24 inch wooden board, a 3 foot length of PVC pipe, an 8 inch step, a penlight, 2 rectangular hardcover textbooks weighing a total of 12 pounds, a tape measure, and a plinth.
Use a penlight or flashlight to aid in distinguishing color changes.
Asher Kravitz and Michal Kessler (translator); THE JEWISH DOG; Penlight Publications (Fiction: Historical) 19.
The Nightstick XPP-5410G penlight is a compact, slim, non-recharge able unit that is Intrinsically Safe and provides powerful light output designed to illuminate tight spaces.
A penlight exam was performed followed by fluorescein stain with slit lamp bio-microscopy to detect corneal lesions.
ever claim to have guided "twenty Brazilian evangelists with a penlight from a jungle bus crash" or chased "rhinoceros horn smugglers after being deputized and armed with a pistol in Namibia"?