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A small flashlight having the size and shape of a fountain pen.


a small thin torch the size and shape of a pen


or pen•lite


a flashlight similar in size and shape to a fountain pen.
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Noun1.penlight - a small flashlight resembling a fountain pen
flashlight, torch - a small portable battery-powered electric lamp
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Tenders are invited for Portable 4 Wire / Auto Telephone With Ringing System In Auto Mode, Ergonom Shape: Battery Box For Two Penlight Cells, Push Button Mode Selection Keyboard With Tactile Feedback And One Touch Redial, Trumpet Grommet, Quality 6 Way Cord, Unbreakable 6 Pin Plug With Extre Line Terminals.
A couple of rechargeable penlight batteries and one small diode later, the "Black Death" was moving under its own stored solar energy.
Examination Procedure Test Distance Cover Test: Target Isolated letter two lines above best acuity Muscle light/dot Projector fixation target Number on wall clock Near Cover Test: Target Accommodative target 20/40 letter on ball on stick Penlight Cube target on stick (Lang cube) Tip of pen Letters on pen/pencil Versions/Pursuit: Target Detailed near target Penlight/transilluminator Tip of pen Bead on stick Fingers Pencil eraser Accommodation: Test NRA/PRA with letter two lines and/or Target above near acuity Pull away test with letter two lines above near acuity Line of letters patient can see Push-up test with small near chart on stick Flippers with [+ or -] 2.
The following items were available at the bedside: reflex hammer, tongue blade, cotton ball, cinnamon sticks, penlight, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff and thermometer, feeding tube, intravenous fluid, and Foley catheter.
Failing in that, she moved a penlight in front of his eyes and then tried unsuccessfully to interest him in a toy.
Included are a 112-page illustrated first aid book, a digital thermometer, a dog hydration drink mix, a tick remover, eye wash, penlight, hemostats, scissors, styptic pencil, hydrogen peroxide and many more items too numerous to mention here.
7New Touch Screen and Penlight Data Input System Developed II-37
I'm not sure what I expected, but I certainly didn't expect to see what looked like an overgrown penlight.
9-inches to 6-inches long, including a compact version, slim penlight and those designed for patrol duty.
I don't know because I was searching with a penlight for the missing magazine on the floor of the jeep.
It's less a torch, "whose flame is the imprisoned lightning," than a penlight, whose beam is weak and whose batteries fail.