penny dreadful

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Noun1.penny dreadful - a melodramatic paperback novel
novel - an extended fictional work in prose; usually in the form of a story
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Since then, Piper has shone in Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Sky series Penny Dreadful and acts alongside Carey Mulligan in new BBC mini series Collateral.
took the opportunity to quiz actor Shazad Latif ( Spooks, Penny Dreadful ), around whom this theory revolves.
PENNY Dreadful star Sarah Greene has revealed her sometimes precarious career has left her uncertain about buying a home.
40 (5f, PS5,175): 1, PIAZON (Darragh Keenan) 13-2; 2, Treaty Of Rome 4-1 Fav; 3, Penny Dreadful 33-1.
Edwardian theater, a killing worthy of a penny dreadful on the Trans-Siberian Railway, and a French cigar outfit coexist with online dating and video surveillance.
Obviously having done Penny Dreadful for Showtime, that's set in a similar-ish time but a bit later.
Although always hugely talented, she's come into her own in recent years, with roles in Peaky Blinders, Penny Dreadful, Leaving and now this new, six-part drama.
WELL, I did Penny Dreadful and I just did a show called Guerrilla, and another one Quacks about 19th century doctors, so quite often you find yourself working on telly with a hope of the work seeing an American market as well.
They've made it now so Sunday night is almost always Game Of Thrones or Penny Dreadful.
Mendes, who was married to British actress Kate Winslet and who owns the TV company that makes Call The Midwife and Penny Dreadful, said he also won't be returning to make a third Bond.
These 10 exclusive missions are directly inspired by the Penny Dreadful stories, weekly pocket novels very popular amongst the working class in 19th century London that narrated fictitious and sensational crime stories.