penny whistle

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also penny whistle  (pĕn′ē-wĭs′əl, -hwĭs′-)
An inexpensive fipple flute, usually having a plastic mouthpiece and a tin body.

penny whistle



(Instruments) a type of flageolet with six finger holes, esp a cheap one made of metal. Also called: tin whistle
References in classic literature ?
and I was going to take charge of a two-penny-halfpenny river-steamboat with a penny whistle attached
With the sun illuminating the theatre's wooden stage through the open roof, Obama was treated to a short private performance and entertained by a troupe of actors playing violins, mandolins, an accordion and penny whistles.
A huge range of tinplate penny whistles are still waiting to be rediscovered
in Lake Wales has published Melodic Messengers, a history of penny whistles in Irish music.
but her cottage and its traditional nights go on, complete with fiddles, penny whistles and Irish dancing .
Terry Wogan, possibly the least Irish sounding Irishman, has gone back to Ireland, where he's barrelling around the country roads and green fields to a jaunty soundtrack of penny whistles and bodhrans.
The pair play a plethora of exotic instruments, including the bodhran, concertina, psaltery, penny whistles, and fiddle and bones, just to name a few.
The man from Tourism Ireland who has accompanied us throughout has been at pains to tell us how keen they are to get away from old, outdated notions of penny whistles and wild donkeys roaming the streets (I paraphrase, but you get the point).
You could accompany yourself with the penny whistles on display and there were bodhrans for all the budding Christy Moores.
The show has already enjoyed success in London's West End and light, colour and fire as well as rhythms created with oil drums and penny whistles.
Drummer Tim Giles downed sticks to play twin penny whistles on the South African tinged Mandibles, then saxophonist Rob Townsend started his gradual upward hike with Fetish.
false noses and mouth organs, penny whistles and long