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also penny whistle  (pĕn′ē-wĭs′əl, -hwĭs′-)
An inexpensive fipple flute, usually having a plastic mouthpiece and a tin body.
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Noun1.pennywhistle - an inexpensive fipple flutepennywhistle - an inexpensive fipple flute    
fipple flute, fipple pipe, vertical flute, recorder - a tubular wind instrument with 8 finger holes and a fipple mouthpiece
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Iris Brooks is a widely-published cultural writer who has traveled the world reveling in off-the-beaten-path experiences: playing the pennywhistle for penguins in Antarctica, harvesting herbs in Italy according to the cycles of the moon, and documenting an ancient festival in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, where she acquired an unbound, horizontal, hand-painted book with an ornately carved wooden cover.
La experiencia ciudadana del espectador futbolistico era compartida asi por los pueblos ingles y vasco, y esta sintonia fue celebrada por Alejandro de la Sota a traves de dos personajes conocidos en la capital vizcaina, el ingles Mister Pennywhistle y el bilbaino Mendigorrieta, protagonistas de una expresiva escena de su libro Divagaciones que nos trae el foot-ball que tenia lugar en una jornada deportiva: "Juntos el ingles y el bilbaino, codo con codo, cual dos corinthians de la 'mesa redonda', marcho la pareja hacia algun rincon prendido del numen ciudadano" (64).
The time-traveling series lands a 20th century Englishwoman in 18th century Scotland, prompting bagpipes, pennywhistle, fiddle and accordion sounds.
Frey and Souther formed a folk-based band called Longbranch Pennywhistle that began to make a name for itself, and for a time they shared an apartment in Los Angeles' Echo Park section, living above yet another soon-to-be-prominent singer-songwriter: Jackson Browne.
Listeners of all ages will enjoy this musical tour of cherished memories, as well as clever lyrics accompanied by instruments ranging from traditional guitar, drums, piano, and violin to the more flamboyant banjo, trombone, pennywhistle, accordion, bones, doumbec, and djembe.
At the Towne House, Will Contino is playing the pennywhistle at the dining room table, sight reading tunes from sheet music of the period, while Victoria Belisle offers insight into other evening activities of the household.
RS "I asked my bosses if I could get enrolled into a workplace pension before the official date for Sage, which is this Spring," says Kat, 29, a singer and pennywhistle player.
Jim Field's grandfather had been a drunk who played a red and gold pennywhistle for change on Grafton Street and on which Field would now play sad old Irish airs with his feet propped up on his desk.
Starting with tunes on the simple pennywhistle, the musical journey will take listeners through to the Kwela jazz sound and on to tunes from vocal legend Miriam Makeba, as well as South African musical icons Johnny Clegg and Mango Groove.
ALO are Zach Gill, Steve Adams, Dan Leibowitz and Dave Brogan and on Fly Between Falls the quartet plays, besides the usual guitars, drums and keyboards, the pennywhistle, a wood flute, a clavinet, a Wurlitzer and congas.
When Johnny Comes Marching Home: Music of the Civil War brings to life a variety of classic songs that were popular during the American Civil War, with violin, guitar, banjo, mandolin, mountain dulcimer, pennywhistle, flute, harp, cello, and vocal performances.
and he plays the guitar, mandolin, pennywhistle, bodhran and fiddle with