shed roof

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shed′ roof`

a roof having a single slope.
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1st construction phase: - 600 m 2 trapezoidal sheet on pitched roof, - 255 m 2 trapezoidal sheet on pent roof, - 150 m 2 trapezoidal sheet on pent roof.
Furthermore, as schematically shown in Figure 4, a rough geometric estimation of the jet cone suggests that the injector niche would interfere with the jet and hence the actual jet would be further deflected towards the pent roof, aligning itself with the tumble flow formed by the intake air.
The plentiful black and white illustrations, mostly photographed by Walter Harper, include a section on architectural vocabulary that illustrate the specialized terms used in descriptions such as Clipped Gable or Jerkinhead Roof, Knee Brackets, and Pent Roof, as well as more familiar terms: Asbestos Shingles and Shed Roof.
So much so that when we actually went to have a look at the ones we'd narrowed it down to, and hand over the cash for the chosen one, I heard myself saying to the shed man 'yes, I'd like a pent roof please.
IF you need a shed but don't want it to look out of place or dominate your garden consider buying a pent roof style with door and windows on the side wall.
Like several of the other small Vanguard singles, it incorporates a pent roof combustion chamber design that increases airflow in the cylinder and improves combustion, and is certified to CARB and EPA emissions requirement.
Skylight construction as pent roof with frame approx.
Nail plate binder, Pent roof shaped 5 o , Wingspan approx.
the atrium roof is designed as a pent roof with under-girders and raised to the roof structure of the topping.
The pent roof is made of a reinforced concrete ceiling.
due to leaks in the area of the former flat roof, A 3-part pent roof was created in advance as an emergency measure and, In this connection, Painting work on the outside facade was carried out in advance.
315 m 2 - gap profile transition panel 25 m - pent roof ridge cover 58 m - stop construction safety lock steel stainless steel, 10 pcs.